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Horrors of Spider Island

Harald Maresch, Alexander D'Arcy, Barbara Valentine, Helga Franck, Allen Turner, Helga Neuner, Temple Foster, Donna Ulsike, Norma Townes
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His assistant Mike tells nightclub manager Gary, "You always were a crazy guy." (0:09)

Gary tells the crying girls, "You're driving us all nuts."
Gary asks dancer Babs, "Are you crazy?" (0:12)

Monstrous spider (0:22)

Georgia: "Take it easy, Gary, we're all a little nervous." (0:24)

The giant spider attacks Gary. (0:30)

Georgia tells Ann, "Stop it before you drive us all crazy." (0:35)

Babs tells the other girls, referring to cops she knows, "If they... find you drunk, they send you right out to the cooler." (0:35)

May tells Ann, "You're driving me crazy." (0:38)

Babs asks Gladys, "Have you gone crazy?"(1:03)