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House of Games

Lindsay Crouse, Joe Mantegna, Mike Nussbaum, Lilia Skala, J.T. Walsh, Willo Hausman, Karen Kohlhaas, Steven Goldstein, Jack Wallace, Ricky Jay, William H. Macy, Meshach Taylor
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Psychiatrist Dr. Margaret Ford holds the book she authored. The cover reads: "DRIVEN: OBSESSION AND COMPULSION IN EVERYDAY LIFE." (0:02)

Her patient describes a dream during a psychotherapy session in a hospital. (0:03)

Psychiatrist Dr. Littauer tells Ford, "This is confusing." (0:05)

Ford in psychotherapy session with patient Billy. She tells him to tell himself, “I am a compulsive gambler.”
Billy, referring to his pistol: “To use it to kill myself, or you know, to...”
Ford: ”Why would you want to kill yourself?” (0:06)

Gambler George tells gambler Mike, "And if you think I'm leaving here without that check, you are out of your... mind."
George tells Ford, ”You crazy bitch, pay me what you owe.”
Gambler Joey: ”Aces and Jacks, man with the axe, suicide kings.” (0:27)

Psychotherapy session in hospital. (0:36)

Mike tells Ford, "You don't have to delude yourself." (0:53)

Joey asks Mike, "What are you, nuts?"
”Are you nuts? Do you think we're insane?” (0:58)

Joey asks Mike, "Are you nuts?"
”Are you out of your mind?”
”A straight bitch, and she panicked.” (1:02)

Mike tells Joey, "You got senile old man." (1:12)

Littauer: "Inversion, projection, compression, elaboration are devices for transposition. Projection, inversion, compression and elaboration are devices for transforming." (1:14)

Ford tells Billy, "Yes, I think it's best if we suspended treatment for a while." (1:21)

Mike tells Joey, "Hey, the broad’s an addict."
Con man Dean: ”You put that bitch in the panic bag.” (1:25)

Mike asks Ford if she's going to tell the cops "That the author of the best-selling DRIVEN: OBSESSION AND COMPULSION IN EVERYDAY LIFE gave her fortune away to some con man?"
”Are you nuts? What are you, nuts?” (1:32)