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How to Be Single

Dakota Johnson, Rebel Wilson, Alison Brie, Leslie Mann, Anders Holm, Damon Wayans Jr., Nicholas Braun, Jake Lacy, Jason Mantzoukas
marijuana | Sylvia Plath
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Her boyfriend Josh tells paralegal Alice, “The minute you walk out of here... you're going to start stalking me.” (0:03)

Alice's legal secretary friend Robin tells last night’s date, “I might be a little drunk.” (0:06)

Lucy tells bartender Tom, “... if I have to listen to every drunk asshole stumble out of here a 5:00AM...” (0:08)

Robin: “Why does it smell like weed in here?”
Alice’s Obstetrician sister Meg, “You have a joint clinging...” (0:16)

Robin tells Alice, “Babies with hangovers.”
She snorts a crushed pill.” (0:17)

Meg tells the baby, “... I know that that was probably just an involuntary tic, or gas. (0:19)

Robin tells Alice, “Anything sooner implies that you're needy and really codependent and incapable of a simple hookup, which is all he's good for.” (0:20)

Tom tells Alice, “It means he's faking It, because he knows that's what you want to hear, so instead of being a psycho who pretends...”
Tom: “So hungover chicks, you've got to leave to survive.”
Alice: “You're a psycho.”
Tom: “I'm not a psycho.” (0:21)

Her ex-boyfriend Josh tells Alice, “... and I'm not an idiot.” (0:25)

Meg asks Alice, “Why are you watching Bridget Jones?”
”You get yourself all hopped up on Sex in the City and Bridget Jones...”
Meg: “I'm going to take my old, lonely workaholic ass back to the hospital.” (0:26)

Lucy tells her friends, “You guys are going to have a crazy night tonight.” (0:29)

Meg tells Alice, referring to Meg's sperm donor, “He has no history of... drug abuse, no history of any kind of mental illness or...”
”Is that crazy?” (0:32)

Robin asks Alice, “So how many drinks does it take to get you wasted?”
”It's like Gandalf is staring right at me.” (0:40)

Robin tells Alice and Meg, “I'm taking a drug test.”
”I'm on drugs.” (0:44)

Alice tells Meg, “You're crazy.”
Meg: “Don't call me crazy. Don't ever call a pregnant woman crazy.”
”The only reason a guy like that would ever talk to me is to get a prescription for medical marijuana.” (0:46)

Meg asks receptionist Ken, “Is this one of those fetish things, where you're, like, a foot fetish?” (0:49)

Alice tells a group of children, referring to a fairy tale character, “... and now she's, you know, fixating on all her mistakes...” (0:52)

Alice asks real estate owner David, “Do you know how I found out your wife passed away?” (1:04)

Lucy tells Tom, “Hey, happy alcoholic’s day.” (1:07)

Josh tells Alice, “It's crazy.” (1:09)

Ken tells Meg, "That's crazy. I said you're being crazy.”
”That's what a crazy person does.”
”It just seems crazy to me.”
Meg: “Usually it's a good idea not to call a pregnant woman crazy.”
Ken: ”She's nuts, everybody.” (1:12)

Alice tells Tom, referring to Lucy, “Which is nuts, because she's not completely disgusted by you.” (1:16)

George tells Tom, “I thought you were going to hyperventilate, man.” (1:23)

Alice tells Josh, “... t's like I lost my mind for a second.”
”I'm so obsessed with the idea of being in love that I just, it's like I completely lose myself.” (1:30)

Ken tells Meg, “... and you’re crazy... Honestly, I think you're probably just as crazy when you're not pregnant...” (1:34)

Alice reads The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath.” (1:37)

Robin tells Alice, “I've been having Alice withdrawal, seriously.” (1:38)