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How to Commit Marriage

Bob Hope, Jackie Gleason, Jane Wyman, Maureen Arthur, Leslie Nielsen, Tina Louise, Paul Stewart, Irwin Corey, JoAnna Cameron, Tim Matheson
Howard Hughes | marijuana
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Her music student fiance David tells Nancy’s real estate broker father Frank, referring to music student Nancy, “She’s got this sentimental hangup about a church wedding.” (0:08)

Record producer Oliver asks his secretary Ms. Feingold, “What idiot group is in here?” (0:10)

Oliver asks David and Nancy, “Retreat, suicide, or how about a little booze?”
”And every father with an idiot son.” (0:13)

HIs model girlfriend LaVerne asks Oliver, “Please, don’t get stoned.”
Oliver: “I don’t take drugs, and I can’t be hypnotized. I’ve gotta do something to stand off that nauseating euphoria.” (0:18)

Rev. Dempster tells LaVerne and Oliver, “Well... this is certainly good psychology.” (0:19)

Frank tells Oliver, “Poe, you’re loaded.” (0:21)

Potential client Lois tells Frank, “This is insane.” (0:35)

Frank tells Lois, “The grass is awfully green in here...” (0:41)

Oliver tells LaVerne, “I think I’ll go over and deflate a few egos.” (0:43)

Oliver tells Frank, “Don’t get hysterical, gramps.” (0:47)

Frank asks Nancy, “How’d you get hooked on all this cockamamie business.” (0:47)

Newspaper headline: “CAN ABC STOP HOWARD HUGHES?”
Oliver asks his attorney Willoughby, ”Are you nuts?” (0:49)

Frank reads to Elaine a letter from their daughter Nancy: “Please forgive me all the anxiety I’ve caused you.” (0:57)

Frank tells Lois, “Well I have been uptight lately...” (1:03)

One of Baba Ziba’s assistants holds a hookah.
Baba Ziba introduces him to Oliver: “Keeper of my hookah.” (1:13)

Keeper with hookah (1:20, 1:23, 1:25)

Bab Ziba tells the audience, “Pray not to be confused.” (1:27)