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How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying

Robert Morse, Michele Lee, Rudy Vallee, Anthony Teague, Maureen Arthur, Murray Matheson, John Myhers
Sigmund Freud | tobacco
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Executive Tackaberry: “Do you want me to have another nervous breakdown.” (0:05)

An executive tells Ponty, “You’ve just committed industrial suicide.” (0:06)

By telephone personnel manager Bratt tells company president J.B., referring to mail room worker Ponty, “He doesn’t seem to be out of his mind.” (0:24)

Secretary Rosemary tells Ponty, “They’re looking for instant... psychoanalysis...”
Ponty: “I’ve been enjoying myself so much with you that I forgot that I was depressed.”
Rosemary: ”Depressed about what?” (0:46)

J.B. tells Ponty, referring to advertising, “That, to my mind, is too rough, too insecure.” (0:57)

Secretary Hedy tells Ponty, “I was in the tobacco business.” (1:05)

Secretary Hedy tells Ponty, “I got a little drunky up there.” (1:18)

Rosemary asks Ponty, “Have you lost your mind?” (1:22)

Ponty addresses the executives: “Gentlemen in the field of medicine there were men like... Sigmund Freud...”
Bratt: ”This is insanity J.B.” (1:38)

Bratt: “I am speaking to you now in my new capacity as vice president in charge of employee morale and psychological adjustment.” (1:56)

J.B.’s nephew Bud: “I’ll kill myself.” (1:58)