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I Saw the Light

Tom Hiddleston, Elizabeth Olsen, Cherry Jones, Bradley Whitford, Maddie Hasson, Wrenn Schmidt
Hank Williams | amphetamine | Benzedrine | chloral hydrate | ethyl alcohol | morphine
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Hank and his mother Lillie drive past a cemetery.
Hank, Referring to his singer wife Audrey, ”One of you is afraid the other’s going to beat her to my pocket when I get drunk.” (0:10)

Audrey asks Hank, "Oh, you think that makes up for all the drunken whoring around bullshit I take?" (0:26)

Hank awakens in a hospital bed suggesting he has completed detoxification. (0:28)

Hank reads a document written by Audrey: "He drinks a great deal, and during the last month he's been drunk most of the time." (0:29)

Hank tells Audrey, "I’ve been sober." (0:46)

Audrey tells Hank, "No, you're crazy." (0:53)

Hank uses an inhaler. Benzedrine? (0:56)

Hank tells his steel guitar player Don, "You know, my uncle told me Grant was drunk every afternoon by 3:00, but he still took Vicksburg." (1:01)

Journalist James Dolan tells Hank, “Well I'm only looking to give people some insight into you.”
”There are a lot of rumors, Mr. Williams, that you have struggled with alcohol.” (1:10)

The doctor tells Hank, "Yes, you've got quite a bit of morphine in your system." (1:14)

Audrey asks Hank, "Are you drunk?" (1:21)

Movie director and producer door Schary tells Hank and promoter Fred Rose, "Well, we’re thinking of a part for Hank in Small Town Girls..." (1:28)

Hank tells his showgirl lover, "Oh, Bobbie, you're drunker than ol’ Hank."
Bobbie: “I'm not drunk.” (1:40)

Dr. Marshall tells Hank's new wife Billie, "I specialize in alcoholism."
Fred Rose, narrating: ”Chloral hydrate, so powerful, they use it to sedate circus animals. It's never supposed to be administered with alcohol or to someone with a heart condition, which Hank likely had.” (1:45)

Funeral for Hank Williams (1:57)