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I, Tonya

Margot Robbie, Sebastian Stan, Allison Janney, Julianne Nicholson, Bobby Cannavale, Paul Walter Hauser, Mckenna Grace, Caitlin Carver
Ronald Reagan
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Her waitress mother LaVona referring to figure skater Tonya: “To here her tell it, I would operate on her daily without anesthesia. I hit her one time with a hairbrush... she skated better when she was enraged.”
Scenes of LaVona physically abusing Tonya. (0:07)

Jeff tells Tonya, “Well, I do this job for the association for retarded Person... I’m not a retarded person.” (0:15)

Tonya and Jeff physically abuse each other. (0:17)

Tonya tells skating coach Diane, “I’m not dressing like a retarded tooth fairy.” (0:23)

Tonya asks LaVona, “Are you... crazy?” (0:24)

Jeff Tonya, “You know, like in The Wizard of Oz when they say, ‘Lions and tigers and bears, oh my?'” (0:26)

Hardcopy producer: “Most people don’t understand how insanely difficult it is to attempt a triple axel.” (0:31)

Tonya tells Jeff, “If I got up in the morning, I got hit...” (0:37)

Ronald Reagan poster (0:39)

Tonya: “He was calling all the time saying, ‘I’ve been to therapy’...” (0:41)

Holding the muzzle of a revolver to his head, Jeff asks Tonya, “Want me to kill myself?” (0:47)

Tonya tells a skating judge, “I don’t have a wholesome American family.” (0:54)

Jeff: “... she’s too freaked out to skate...” (0:59)

Jeff wired to polygraph (1:03)

Jeff asks bodyguard Shawn, “Are you insane?... It was supposed to be psychological warfare...”
Shawn: “What if the psychological warfare didn’t work?”
Jeff: “You’re a... idiot.” (1:09)

Jeff hits Tonya. (1:25)

Tonya tells Jeff, “I really think you should just kill yourself.” (1:28)

An interviewer tells Sawn, “There’s the feeling out there that the one who was power mad, the one who was megalomaniacal was you.” (1:28)

Judge Londer: “Tonya Harding, you are sentenced to... a psychological evaluation...” (1:45)

Jeff: “All that craziness... was only a few months...” (1:48)