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If It's Tuesday This Must Be Belgium

Ian McShane, Suzanne Pleshette, Mildred Natwick, Murray Hamilton, Sandy Baron, Michael Constantine, Norman Fell, Peggy Cass, Marty Ingels, Pamela Britton, Reva Rose
Adolf Hitler | Friedrich Nietzsche | Vincent van Gogh
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Tour guide Charlie Cartwright tells his girlfriend Dot, "It's a mad dash through nine bloody countries in 18 bloodier days."
”And I have to be mother, father, psychiatrist, host...” (0:06)

Titles: "God is dead -- Nietzsche"
”Nietzsche is dead -- God”
”What about the good things Hitler did?” (0:12)

Tourist Harvey Blakely tells his wife Irma, "One more day like this, and I'll kill myself." (0:14)

Tourist Samantha Perkins asks Charlie, "What would you say, that I'm... intelligent?" (0:17)

Charlie: "This tiny country of Holland is famous for... van Gogh..." (0:19)

A traveling American young man tells tourist Shelly, "I guess virginity is still a big hang-up in the smaller towns" (0:22)

Charlie tells the women, "And I may commit hara-kari." (0:24)

tourist Samantha tells Charlie, referring to the mention of his name, "Why, it practically put the stunning young woman who works there in a swoon." (0:36)

Harvey answers Charlie, referring to Irma, "Hysterical." (0:44)

Samantha tells Charlie, "However, if your plan is to get me so smashed that I..."
”Well, I want to prove that dead drunk or cold sober, I am just as immovable.”(0:46)

Tourist John Marino tells tourist Jack Harmon, "I'm very nervous." (0:54)

John jumps out the window into a canal. (1:00)

Samantha tells Charlie, "The last time we even thought about dancing together, I wound up drunk and disorderly." (1:01)

Charlie answers Samantha, "Because you're so worried you might be." (1:02)

George tell Samantha, "... I was worried about you from the minute I took you to the airport that day... It was raining like mad." (1:07)

Samantha tells Charlie, "Well if it weren't for you, I might have married George, and that would have been idiotic, huh?"
”... there's no bloody magic to confuse me.” (1:35)