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In The Courtyard

Michele Moretti, Pio Marmaï, Catherine Deneuve, Nicolas Bouchaud, Féodor Atkine, Gustave de Kervern
bromazepam | Lexomil | cocaine | prazepam | Lysanxia
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Musician Antoine tells the stage manager, "I want to sleep, but I can't."
Insomnia stuff, it's a real drag.” (0:01)

An employment counselor tells Antoine, "I have some Lysanxia too."
”For anxiety. I can give you Lysanxia. Chrystelle has Lexomil if it can help.” (0:05)

Antoine snorts a powdered drug. (0:07, 0:15, 1:12)

Antoine: "You kids are crazy."
”Sure, you're crazy.” (0:13)

Building manager Mathilde asks Antoine, "Does that sound crazy?"
Antoine: ”No crazier than praying.” (0:27)

Antoine tells Mathilde, "If you are worried, you peel it back and, before replacing it, spray a little adhesive."
”You know, if you're still a bit worried about that crack...” (0:31)

Resident Stéphane tells Antoine, "With the recession, crazy shit will happen on roofs." (0:34)

Mathilde's husband Serge asks the architectural consultant, "So there's nothing to worry about?" (0:40)

Mathilde tells Antoine, referring to herself,"What an idiot." (0:43)

Serge tells Antoine, referring to Mathilde, "She's very intuitive." (0:44)

Mathilde tells Antoine, "I'm very intuitive." (0:45)

Shopkeeper Colette tells Mathilde, "I must admit I'm worried too." (0:46)

Serge tells Mathilde, "It rings every 5 minutes with... some panicked loser or sex-obsessed teens."
”I should help you go crazy?”
”... before I go nuts too.” (0:52)

Resident Maillard tells Serge, "This place is a madhouse." (0:53)

Serge: "My wife's mad, Antoine. She's mad."
He tells the crowd, ”The development of this crack worried us.”
Mathilde: ”Like any intelligent person, we asked for a second opinion.” (0:58)

Stéphane tells Antoine, "I've got a great stash." (1:03)

Mathilde tells the others, "It's crazy." (1:11)

Antoine tells himself, "What a... idiot. What an idiot..." (1:12)

Stéphane tells Antoine, referring to Maillard’s architectural model, "I'll add a dope distributor here... ‘I'll buy a bit of coke for Saturday night'." (1:14)

Mathilde tells Antoine, "Sears wants me committed."
”I haven't slept for a week.”
Antoine tells Mathilde the effects of his drug use: ”No more libido.”
Mathilde: ”I'm in a totally depressive state.” (1:16)

Mathilde finds Antoine unresponsive with a tourniquet on his arm. (1:30)

Emergency worker, referring to Antoine: "Cardiac arrest from an OD." (1:31)

Mathilde: "That night, I realized that despite my obsessions, my anxieties and fears, I had to do all I could to return to others." (1:32)