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In the Name of My Daughter

Catherine Deneuve, Guillaume Canet, Adèle Haenel, Jean Corso, Judith Chemla
Ernest Hemingway | marijuana
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Her lawyer Maurice shows casino owner a picture of Renée: “Marcel Romero, owns a nightclub, involved in drug trafficking.”
Renée: “Don’t insult my intelligence with this cloak and dagger crap.” (0:10)

Maruice’s mistress Zoune tells Renée’s daughter Agnès, “It’s a compulsion.”
”... I’m hesitating between Hemingway, Rambaud and Gide.” (0:20)

Maurice tells Agnès she could grow “A bit of cannabis.” (0:21)

Renée tells reporters, “I received a blow to the head and blacked out.” (0:26)

Agnès tells Renée, “I haven’t gone insane, Mum.” (0:27)

Agnès faints. (0:51)

Maurice tells Agnès, referring to his medical student brother, “He’d killed himself.” (0:58)

Mafia boss Fratoni tells Renée, “This mafia business is an obsession with you.” (1:02)

Maurice tells Agnès, “I panic.” (1:16)

Agnès undergoes emergency treatment, apparently after an overdose. (1:24)

Agnès reads to Maurice from her journal: “The diagnosis is clear...” (1:27)

The prosecutor tells Renée, “Perhaps it’s time to start the grieving process.” (1:35)

The judge asks witness Françoise (Zoune), “Did you hear of her suicide attempt?”
Françoise: ”All the women around Maurice attempted suicide. Even I did, an I’m not the depressive sort at all.” (1:41)

Maurice tells his son, referring to Renée, ‘I’ve known some crazy women, but she takes the biscuit.” (1:43)