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It Can Be Done Amigo

Bud Spencer, Jack Palance
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His cellmate Jim tells Hiram Coburn, "You must be crazy, mister." (0:07)

Sonny Bronston tells his sister Mary, referring to Coburn, "Don't worry darling, here." (0:11)

Coburn tells a dying man, referring to his nephew Chip, "Don't worry about the kid." (0:13)

Sonny Bronston tells Coburn, "Don't worry." (0:20)

Coburn tells young Chip Anderson, "You crazy." (0:23)

A man tells Coburn he is "Just eatin’ some dirt." (0:25)

Coburn: "I think, Chip, that your uncle was a little touched in the head." (0:33)

A doctor tells Bronston, "If you make a noise, you’ll make me nervous." (0:37)

Bronston, referring to Mary: "Seduced, abandoned, and she's still an idiot." (0:38)

Chip tells Coburn, "You look like you're worried." (0:47)

Coburn tells Annette, referring to Bronston, "Well he must be crazy as a hoot owl."
”I guess you were as crazy as he is.” (0:49)

Coburn: "Chip, why don't you dig a bucket of dirt, and maybe that old nut’ll give you a couple of dollars for it." (0:50)

Reverend Sheriff Franciscus tells Coburn, "Don't worry." (0:59)

Mary asks Sonny, "Have you gone completely out of your mind?" (1:07)

Coburn answers Chip, "Because I'm nervous."
Bronston tells Coburn, referring to Chip, ”But don't worry, I'll kill you as soon as he's 21.” (1:13)

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