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Maika Monroe, Debbie Williams, Lili Sepe, Keir Gilchrist, Olivia Luccardi, Jake Weary, Daniel Zovatto
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Her friend Yara tells college student Jay she is reading “The Idiot.” (0:06)

Movie poster for Charade in theater lobby (0:09)

Her friend Hugh tells Jay he sees a girl in a yellow dress, but Jay does not see her. Hallucination? (0:10)

Jay tells her sister Kelly she smells like, “Like cherry Coke, banana nicotine.” (0:13)

Hugh uses a volatile general anesthetic to render Jay unconscious. (0:17)

A professor reads a poem to a class: “I should have been a pair of claws... Asleep, tired, or it malingers, stretched out on the floor...” (0:27)

Jay sees an old woman, who no one else seems to see, walk slowly toward her. (0:28)

Jay tells Kelly and their friend Paul, referring to the old woman, “No, but she freaked me out.” (0:30)

Jay sees a man the others do not see. (0:40)

Jay tells Kelly, “You can’t tell Mom because she’ll freak out, and she won’t believe me.” (0:43)

Kelly asks their friend Greg, “Your mom’s not gonna freak out?” (0:54)