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Jack and Jill

CastAdam Sandler, Al Pacino, Katie Holmes, Elodie Tougne, Rohan Chand, Eugenio Derbez, David Spade, Nick Swardson, Tim Meadows, Allen Covert, Norm MacDonald, Dana Carvey, Peter Dante, Drew Carey
Year released2011
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Advertising executive Jack tells Ted, “The Godfather Al Pacino.”
Ted: “Something about jet lag.” (0:04)

Jack tells his twin sister Jill, “Jet lag.” (0:08)

Jill tells the others, “I’m like Jimmy Stewart at the end of that movie... They’re in Pottersville... “
Bitsy: ”It’s A Wonderful Life?”
Jack: “It’s A Wonderful Life.
Homeless guest Otto: “Star Wars.” (0:11)

Jack looks at a YouTube video entitled “Al Pacino’s Nervous Breakdown??”.
Pacino: “I’m losing my mind.” (0:16)

Jack watches Al Pacino in Scarface. (0:21)

Jack tells Jill, “Well get off the phone, you psycho.” (0:24)

Jack tells his wife Erin, referring to Jill, “She’s crazy. She’s crazy.”
Erin: “Well, she was going to leave until you called her ‘psycho’.”
Jack: “I’ll kill myself.” (0:24)

Jill tells the others, “I crave this family time.” (0:27)

Ted tells Jack, “Everybody’s really around nervous here.” (0:28)

Jack: “Crazy.” (0:30)

Jill tells the others, “I’m freaking out. I feel like Julia Roberts in that movie.”
Erin: “Pretty Woman.”
Pretty Woman?” (0:31)

Funbucket tells Jack, “You’re not the crazy hot masseuse, are you?” (0:32)

Jill tells Funbucket, “I just said that ‘cause I’m very nervous right now.” (0:33)

Jack: “I’m an idiot.”
Erin: “Why are you an idiot?” (0:35)

Jack: “Jill, don’t go nuts, but...” (0:37)

Jack tells Jill, “This is insane, man.” (0:40)

Partier, referring to Jill, “Am I crazy, or is she hot?”
Partier #2: ”You’re crazier.”
Another partier tells Todd, “Idiots like you really make me mad.” (0:44)

Al Pacino tells Jill, “Lucky for us I’ve got the panic button.”
Jill: “You’ve got the panic button?” (0:45)

Pacino tells Jill, “... finally, I found the one woman... who will lead me back to sanity.” (0:48)

By telephone Jack tells Pacino, “I got confused...”
Jill: “This reminds me of that boat movie with Leonardo.”
Erin: “Titanic?”
Man in audience, referring to Pacio: “Is he seriously breaking out The Godfather?” (1:01)

Jill tells Jack, “You’re out of your mind. You’re out of your mind.” (1:05)

Jack, referring to Felipe, “I was going to say, he’s ruining the mood...” (1:23)

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