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David Caruso, Linda Fiorentino, Chazz Palminteri
3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine | amyl nitrite | butyl nitrite | cocaine | isobutyl nitrite
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Ronald Reagan in photograph (0:03)

Assistant District Attorney David Corelli: "This is rage." (0:10)

Corelli tells criminal defense attorney Matt Gavin, referring to Matt’s wife Katrina, "She lies to protect your frail ego." (0:17)

Matt tells David, "Don’t blow your brains out." (0:20)

Meeting host: "Dr. Gavin is a clinical psychologist who specializes in the causes and treatment of violence in the workplace. Her findings have been published in the National Review of Psychiatry and in her two best-selling works of nonfiction." (0:24)

Katrina addresses the audience, referring to violent workers: "They disassociate themselves from their own actions, often experiencing an hysterical blindness." (0:25, 1:03)

Katrina leaves a voice message for Matt: "I feel like I’m disassociating myself from my own actions. Maybe I’m reaching hysterical blindness..." (0:26)

District Attorney Arnold Clifford asks Corelli, "Are you out of your... mind?" (0:26)

Police Inspector Petey Vesko tells Corelli, "Here in the nightstand we got about 3 grams of coke, some poppers... My best guess is ecstasy." (0:29)

Corelli’s physician tells Vesko and police detective Bob Hargrove, referring to Corelli: "He’s lost consciousness, could have a concussion." (0:38)

Matt tells a client, "Don’t worry about it." (0:39)

Vesko tells Corelli and Hargrove, referring to Katrina, "Typical shrink behavior." (0:46)

Clifford asks the others, "Are you people crazy?" (1:04)

Vesko tells the others, referring to Katrina, "Well, I think she had an uncontrollable urge coupled with hysterical blindness." (1:09)

Police detective Karen Heller tells Corelli, "Anyone he’s ever seen is either dead or suffering from penile amnesia." (1:18)

Matt tells Katrina, "... I don’t remember any of it. You know what I think it is? Hysterical blindness." (1:30)

Reference in The 40-Year-Old Virgin