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Jay Billion's Anything But Love

Judi Blair, Zeus Campbell, Krystal Garner, Jason M. Evans, Jennifer Tucker, Cavel Davis
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His coworker asks Carl, "... but who's suicidal enough to do it?" (0:04)

Leonard tells his wife Samantha, "I tell you what's crazy, man."
"I've really got to cut down on my stress." (0:11)

Man tells woman on park bench, "Crazy." (0:12)

Carl’s employee Sophia tells Leonard’s brother Kevin, "You have been a narcissistic, arrogant bastard ever since our first conversation." (0:13)

Park bench man tells woman, "As wild as Kev is, this is the crazy shit..." (0:19)

Kevin tells Sophia, "I'm arrogant. I'm narcissistic."
Sophia: "Oh, you are crazy, are you?" (0:22)

Kevin tells Sophia, referring to his mother, "She's very... crazy." (0:33)

Park bench man tells woman, "These chicks from D.C., it's crazy down there."
"... then it gets a little crazy from there." (0:37)

Park bench man tells woman, referring to Kevin: "He completely... goes crazy..." (0:44)

Kevin tells Sophia, "... what you won't do is sit here and talk to me like you lost your mind..."
Sophia: "... you have been acting really crazy." (0:47)

His ex-wife Karen tells Kevin, "I have been diagnosed with cervical cancer." (0:57)

Park bench man tells woman, "So as crazy as all this seems...” (1:05)