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Jeff, Who Lives at Home

CastJason Segel, Ed Helms, Susan Sarandon, Judy Greer, Rae Dawn Chong, Steve Zissis, Evan Ross, Benjamin Brant Bickham, Lee Nguyen, Tim J. Smith, Ernest James
Year released2011
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Blog entry

Jeff dictates: "I watched Signs again last night." (0:00)

Jeff smokes marijuana in a glass water pipe. (0:04)

Jeff asks Kevin, "Did you ever see the movie Signs?"
Kevin: "Smoke weed?"
Jeff: "You want to smoke weed with me?"
"I like weed." (0:15)

Kevin lights, then tokes, a joint before passing it to Jeff. (0:17)

Jeff tells his brother Pat, "I'm a little bit conflicted right now."
Pat: "What you just said sounded like Yoda took acid..."
Jeff: "You can make all the fun of Yoda that you want. Yoda would be... killer in a business meeting." (0:20)

Burt asks Pat, "Are you on drugs?" (0:22)

Jeff and Pat visit their father's grave in a cemetery.
Pat tells Jeff about a dream: "...I don't know, so I'm nervous..."
"What's happening right now is that I'm getting lectured by my pothead brother who lives in our mom's basement at 30 years old..." (0:37)

His wife Linda tells Pat, "... we are passive-aggressive with each other..." (0:51)

Jeff asks Pat, "I mean, wouldn't you be psyched if Linda walked in here right now...?" (1:00)

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