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Jimmy's Hall

Barry Ward, Simone Kirby, Jim Norton, Francis Magee, Aisling Franciosi, Andrew Scott, Brian F. O'Byrne
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Jimmy visits a grave in a cemetery. (0:04)

Jimmy tells his mother Alice, "Sorry I didn't make it back for Charlie's funeral. I've just been to the grave." (0:05)

Tommy tells his friends Jimmy and Mossie, referring to Dennis O'Keefe, "Nasty as ever and with a long memory." (0:15)

Father Sheridan answers Father Seamus, "A... gramophone, you bloody idiot." (0:38)

Father Sheridan asks the congregation, "What is this craze for pleasure?" (0:44)

Marie O’Keefe’s father beats her with a whip. (0:50)

Mossie tells the others, "It's suicide."
Ruari: ”The rich are nervous...” (1:10)

Jimmy tells the others, "Let's not forget how it spread around the world from a system steeped in illusion, exploitation and avarice." (1:19)

Marie tells father Seamus, referring to Father Sheridan, "It's Gralton, he's obsessed with the man." (1:24)

Alice tells Jimmy, "I'm so worried for you." (1:26)

His friend Oonagh tells Jimmy, "... One idiot talked about a communist plot to nationalize women and children." (1:37)