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Labyrinth Of Lies

CastAlexander Fehling, André Szymanski, Friederike Becht, Johannes Krisch, Hansi Jochmann, Johann von Bülow, Robert Hunger-Bühler, Lukas Miko, Gert Voss
Year released2014
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Attorney General Fritz Bauer asks prosecutor Johann Radmann, "Do you think all Nazis vanished into thin air after Hitler's death?" (0:15)

Radmann asks journalist Thomas Gnielka, "Have you lost your mind?" (0:16)

His wife Inge tells Gnielka, "You’re drunk." (0:20)

Gnielka tells Radmann, referring to artist Simon Kirsch, "Those idiots want proof that he was at Auschwitz." (0:21)

Radmann’s friend Marlene asks him, "Thomas, are you crazy?" (0:29)

Holocaust survivor Josef Bichinsky tells Radmann, "My wife and son were murdered there." (0:32)

Major Parker tells Radmann, "You're out of your mind... Man, Hitler is gone."
”And those idiots wrote everything down.” (0:40)

Radmann tells Gnielka the Auschwitz SS included "... sadistic ones..." (0:41)

Simon recalls to Radmann and Gnielka the loss of his wife Hannah and twin daughters Ruth and Klara.
Referring to Dr. Mengele, "... that he injects them with viruses... He cut them open without anesthetic. Why are they dead, and I’m alive?" (0:44)

Marlene tells Johann, referring to her father and his friends, "They meet once a month to get drunk." (0:55)

Bauer tells Radmann, "Your obsession with Mengele jeopardizes the entire investigation... The Germans must see the crimes that were committed, not just by Hitler and Himmler, but by completely ordinary people..." (1:06)

Parker tells Radmann, "You definitely are crazy." (1:08)

Marlene tells Radmann, "You're drunk."
”I have one drunkard at home.”
”Are you crazy?”
”Are you crazy?” (1:33)

Radmann tells Gnielka, "And in the end it was just Hitler's fault." (1:37)

Woman, referring to Radmann: "He's drunk."
Man, referring to Radmann: ”Idiot.” (1:38)

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