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Lady and the Tramp (2019)

Tessa Thompson, Justin Theroux, Sam Elliott, Ashley Jensen
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Woman: "Don’t worry." (0:17)

Tramp, referring to dog catcher Elliot: "This guy’s obsessed with me." (0:18)

Lady tells Tramp, "Wow, that is incredibly depressing and also not true."
Jock: ”Don’t be daft.” (0:23)

Lady: "This is crazy. This is crazy." (0:35)

Tramp tells Lady, "That’s the craziest thank you I’ve ever gotten." (0:38)

Lady tells Tramp, "You’re crazy." (0:44)

Tramp tells Lady, "Ah, don’t worry." (0:50)

Lady tells Tramp, "No, that’s crazy." (0:58)

Peg tells Lady, "Don’t worry." (1:03)

Darling tells Lady, "Don’t worry." (1:07)

Tramp tells Lady, "Don’t worry." (1:19)

Elliot tells Jim Dear and Darling, "Don’t worry." (1:24)

Elliot: "Everyone thought I was crazy, but I don’t look so crazy now, do I?" (1:26)

Lady tells Tramp, "Don’t worry, we’re gonna save you." (1:29)

Jock: "Oh, I think I might faint." (1:31)

Lady and the Tramp