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Lean on Pete

Charlie Plummer, Steve Buscemi, Chloë Sevigny, Travis Fimmel, Frank Gallegos, Robert J. Olin, Steve Zahn, Thomas Mann, Alison Elliott, Justin Rain, Lewis Pullman, Rachael Perrell Fosket
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Ray Thompson tells his son Charley, "So don't worry about it, huh?"
Charley: ”Oh, don't worry about it.” (0:03)

Horse trainer Del Montgomery tells Charley, "... we got to get the hell out of here, all right, before those truckers get drunk..." (0:19)

Ray tells Charley, "They got me pretty doped up." (0:31)

By telephone, a nurse tells Charley, "Don't worry." (0:37)

Jockey Bonnie tells Charley, "I mean a real pervert." (0:40)

Bonnie tells Charley, referring to race horse Lean on Pete, "Don't worry about Pete." (0:41)

Bonnie tells Del, "Don't worry about it." (0:43)

Bonnie tells Charley, "They test the winner for drugs."
”Don't worry, they won't find it.” (0:43)

Bonnie tells Charley, referring to Pete, "Don't worry, he's fine." (0:44)

Charley grieves on learning of Ray’s death. (0:50)

Charley tells Pete, "Don't worry, it's okay." (0:59, 1:11)

"Don’t worry, it’s okay, Don’t worry, you’re fine." (1:11)

Combat veteran Dallas: "We had a buddy who lost both his legs and got a concussion so bad he couldn't talk anymore." (1:19)

Charlie tells Pete, referring to Ray, "He’d never say anything, but one night when he was drunk he told me that she was the moodiest person he's ever met." (1:26)

Charley tells Pete, "Don't worry." (1:28)

A homeless man tells Charley, "There's nothing but junkies around there." (1:36)

Martha tells Charley, referring to Silver, "He's not good when he's drunk." (1:42)