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Les Liaisons Dangereuses

Jeanne Moreau, Gerard Philipe, Annette Vadim, Madeleine Lambert, Jeanne Valerie, Nicolas Vogel
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Her husband Valmont asks Juliet, "Not in the mood?" (0:15)

Valmont tells Marianne, "You reach a state verging on delirium." (0:30)

Valmont tells his cousin Cecile, "Don't treat me like I'm some idiot." (0:38)

Valmont and Cecile play back a recording of her fiance Danceny: "It's me, your crazy mathematician." (0:39)

Marianne tells Valmont, "I'm not in the mood." (0:47)

Juliet asks Valmont, referring to Marianne, "You mean that half drunk and in love with you, she still resisted?"
Valmont: ”She was hysterical.” (0:54)

By telephone, Marianne's mother tells Valmont, "You're intelligent and sensitive enough to comprehend." (1:03)

Marianne tells Belmont, "That's crazy. You're out of your mind. " (1:06)

In a letter, Valmont tells Juliet, "Women imagine that their repudiated suitors would throw themselves under a train for them. On the other hand, men who talk about suicide hardly ever commit it... I... took advantage of her nervousness to kiss her hands."
”Togetherness intoxicated us both.” (1:09)

Juliette tells Danceny, "It must be depressing..." (1:16)