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Let's Live a Little

Hedy Lamarr, Robert Cummings
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Advertising account executive Duke Crawford tells a model, "I’m just training to be a woman hater before I go stark raving nuts." (0:04)

An advertising artist tells Duke, "I thought you were off your nut when you first sprung the idea..." (0:04)

Company president James “Monty” Montgomery tells Duke, "Dr. Loring’s a well known neuropsychiatrist." (0:14)

The cab driver tells Duke, "Barber shops are going crazy." (0:15)

Mr. Cruikshank tells Duke,"You set me back six months in my treatments."
Duke: ”You’re crazy.” (0:17)

Duke asks nurse Brady, "What do you think I am, a patient?" (0:18)

Dr. Richard Field tells Dr. J.O. “Jo” Loring, referring to Duke, "If you’ll excuse me, I’ll leave you with your patient."
Duke: ”He mistook me for a patient.”
Loring, referring to a chapter in Jo’s book: ”How to induce sleep by mental suggestion.”
Loring: ”That he’ll soon hear voices?” (0:23)

Duke, thinking he has hallucinated: "Voices... voices." (0:31)

Jo tells Field, referring to Duke, "Oh, it’s, ah, just one of my patients."
Field: ”Well, I’d hardly call this place a rest cure for a nervous disorder.” (0:39)

Michele Bennett tells Jo, "Of course, you being a neurotic..."
Duke: ”Neurologist, not a neurotic.”
Jo tells Michele: ”Why, I treat nervous disorders of various kinds.”
Duke tells Michele: ”If you must know, Dr. Loring is treating me... for a nervous breakdown.”
Michele: ”A nervous breakdown?”
Jo: ”All Mr. Crawford needs is a rest and a few less business worries.”
Michele: ”When I get my first complex, I’ll bring it to you.”
”I’m quite sure you’ll never be bothered with a complex.”
Jo tells Michele, ”He’s my patient and in my care from now on.” (0:43)

Jo, referring to Duke: "He’s my patient, Richard."
Jo: ”If I send him home now... in no time he’ll crack up again.”
Field: ”You seem to forget we have other patients.” (0:49)

By telephone, Duke tells Monty, referring to Jo, "... the other’s a female bloodhound who keeps probing my subconscious mind... This place is driving me crazy..." (0:51)

Jo asks Duke, "You were afraid of water?"
Duke, referring to the moon: ”If you look at it long enough you get kind of crazy.”
Duke: ”The kind I need a psychiatrist for?”
Jo: ”I’m your doctor, and you’re my patient.” (0:54)

Reader Mrs. Landsworth: "Dr. Loring, one of the chapters in your book is called Short Cuts to Mental Health. Do you actually believe that it’s possible for a person to recover in a few days from a nervous breakdown?"
”Was the patient a woman, Dr. Loring?”
Jo: ”The recovery of Mr. X... He had been hearing telephones that hadn’t rung. He had been hearing voices that weren’t there. He was so confused, he couldn’t distinguish between the things that were real and the things that were imaginary.
”What happened was what we call transference.”
Host: ”Transference?”
Jo: ”Yes, ah, transference of affection.”
Host: ”Then it’s still a professional secret.”
Jo: ”You see, the patient was frustrated.”
Host: ”Did the nurse fall in love with her patient?”
Jo: ”A nurse is trained to recognize transference and is therefore immune to any romantic urge.”
Host: ”And this was a deliberate, out and out treatment?”
Jo: ”In such cases the transference wears off very quickly leaving no serious side effect.” (0:59)

Looking at Mr. Hopkins, Jo sees a vision of Duke.
Hopkins: ”Why don't you try what you prescribed for me?” (1:10)

Field: "Jo, I’ve been a bit worried about you lately."
”Now don’t worry about a thing.”
Jo: ”Mr. Crawford is not my patient anymore.” (1:12)

Jo sees a vision or Duke when she looks at the elevator operator. (1:13)

Looking at Field, Jo sees a vision of Duke. (1:14)

Jo sees a vision of Duke in a mirror. (1:18)

Jo, actually seeing Duke: "I must see things that aren’t there."
Duke: ”Seeing things.”
”Tell me, do you just see me, or do you see all sorts of things.”
Jo: ”Everybody looks like you... Nobody looks like you.”
”Nothing to worry about.” (1:19)

Michele sees Duke when looking at Field. (1:23)