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Life of the Party (2018)

Melissa McCarthy, Maya Rudolph, Gillian Jacobs, Molly Gordon, Debby Ryan, Heidi Gardner, Matt Walsh, Julie Bowen, Jacki Weaver, Jimmy Ouyang, Stephen Root, Chris Parnell, Luke Benward, Sarah Baker, Adria Arjona, Jessie Ennis
cocaine | marijuana
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College student Maddie tells her mother Deanna, referring to her father Dan, "Oh my God, he's in a good mood." (0:01)

Maddie’s sorority sister Helen tells Deanna, "... I started college a little bit later because I was in a coma for 8 years." (0:16)

Her roommate Leonor tells Deanna, "I'm scared of a lot of things..." (0:19)

Helen tells Deanna, "Well, after I met you, I watched Indiana Jones."
Deanna: ”... this means you're both Jurassic junkies.” (0:21)

Deanna tells the others, "Fatal Attraction, best movie ever." (0:25)

Maddie's sorority sister Debbie tells Deanna, "We need to get you jack-hammer blasted."
Deanna: ”I am just not really in the mood to kind of, you know, hang out.” (0:33)

Deanna tells Maddie, "Please tell me you're not doing the cocaine." (0:37)

Another partier here tells Helen, "You're that girl in the coma, right?"
”I got a lot of respect for comas.”
”Oh God, are you in a coma again?” (0:38)

Deanna tells Maddie, referring to fraternity boy Jack, "I thought he was doing a scene from Oliver." (0:44)

Deanna tells Helen, "I'm just not fond of speaking in public." (0:47)

Maddie texts Deanna, "Debbie's freaking out." (0:51)

Maddie tells Deanna, "Debbie's really freaking out."
Helen, referring to Debbie: ”She went to a job fair, and now she's all freaked out.”
Deanna: ”I worried about what other people thought. I worried about what they thought I should be doing.” (0:52)

Jack tells Maddie's boyfriend Tyler, referring to Deanna, "She makes me so nervous." (0:57)

Deanna tells Helen, "I'm too nervous about this presentation." (1:03)

Deanna's friend Christine tells their friend Bill, "Your jokes make me want to kill myself." (1:08)

Helen tells Deanna, referring to Debbie, "You were really here for our girl when she was freaking out... My friend Lance, who I was in a coma with..." (1:12)

Debbie: "I just started eating because I was nervous..."
Lance: ”Um, it is a weed bark...”
”I have a medicinal marijuana card...” (1:14)

Deanna tell Marcie, "You're a big Beetlejuice fan, huh?"
”... I don't know if it was the crazy wedding propaganda in the hallway, Or was it the bark high that I'm on?” (1:18)

Maddie tells Deanna, "... you've just been getting stoned..."
”I regret that... all you're going to think about is your mom's crazy midlife crisis.” (1:20)

Helen: "Was it over when I fell into a coma?" (1:21)

Maddie tells Helen, "You're crazy."
”Coma Girl.” (1:24)

Partier, referring to Helen: "Coma Girl rules."
Christine tells Deanna, ”Well, I started following Coma Girl on Twitter...” (1:25)

Jennifer tells Helen, "If Christina doesn't show soon, I'm going to put your ass in another coma." (1:29)