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Like Crazy (2016)

CastValeria Bruni Tedeschi, Micaela Ramazzotti, Valentina Carnelutti, Anna Galiena, Marco Messeri, Tommaso Ragno, Bob Messini, Sergio Albelli, Beatrice Schiros, Francesca Turrini
Year released2016
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Patient Beatrice walks through the grounds of her psychiatric hospital. (0:03)

Beatrice exhibits pressured speech as she talks to clinic head Fiamma: “If you’re referring to that nutcase Moira you place in my room, I beg to differ. You want me to help you because you’re not capable of handling her obsessive-compulsive disorders.”
Referring to patient Annapaola: “But she’s in regression.”
Staff: “I reviewed your drug therapy plan, you’re mixing up your meds.” (0:05)

Staff member, referring to new patient Donatella, “We had to sedate her.”
Beatrice asks a staff member, “Suicide attempt in detention?” (0:07)

Pretending to be a doctor, Beatrice asks Donatella, “Drug use? Heroin, cocaine? Hashish, MDM, that stuff people use nowadays that make you kiss everyone?”
Beatrice sees scars on Donatella’s wrist: ”I don’t have you drug therapy plan here, but judging by your thinness, you’re not using neuroleptics.”
Donatella: “Promazine 30 mg.”
Anorectic depressogenic side effects. Any lithium?”
Citalopram 40 mg. 30-40 drops alternated with promazine, depending on the doctor.”
Beatrice: “All right, benzodiazepine... obviously.”
Donatella: “2 mg. Of Valium three times a day. 30-40 drops of clonazepam before bed.”
Beatrice: “I take an antipsychotic, haloperidol.” (0:10)

A man sits down with Donatella: “I’m Torrigiani, your social worker.”
Beatrice, outside the office, tells staff, referring to Donatella: ”I’d take her off neuroleptics.” (0:12)

Beatrice tells a nurse, “There’s a chapter about OCD in DSM-4.” (0:17)

Beatrice tells Donatella, “I realize you’re depressed.” (0:18)

A nurse tells Beatrice, referring to a judge, “He already pressed charges for stalking.” (0:20)

Beatrice tells Donatella, referring to her lover Renato, “There was intense eros between us.”
Donatella: “I got confused.” (0:24)

Staff member Giancarlo tells the other staff, “The city nursery is looking for two more patients to work part-time.” (0:24)

Staff subdue psychotic patient Giovanna and inject her. (0:28)

Beatrice tells other patients, referring to her perfume, “It’s not sold in Italy, but give me your Seropram, and you can have some.” (0:30)

Patient: “I’m getting anxious...” (0:31)

Donatella tells Beatrice, “I’m going to buy some Valium.” (0:34)

Beatrice tells Donatella, “We’re crazy, aren’t we?”
”We’ll have a crazy good time.” (0:38)

Staff member: “Sit down for group therapy.” (0:40)

Beatrice asks Donatella, “Before the mental clinics and judicial psych hospitals did you live alone?”
”It’s the perfect passive-aggressive dynamic...”
Donatella, referring to her mother: “She works for a disabled general now.” (0:47)

Donatella asks Beatrice, “Are you crazy?” (0:51)

Man, referring to Donatella and Beatrice: “Pure insanity.” (0:52)

Donatella asks Beatrice, “Are you nuts, trying to reason with two crazy ladies.” (0:52)

Beatrice looks in the medical cabinet: “Atarax, Valium, Morfina.” (0:55)

Donatella’s mother Luciana tells Beatrice, “Depression is a brutal beast.”
Luciana tells Donatella, “I’ll have you institutionalized.” (0:56)

Donatella asks Beatrice, “Are you nuts?”
Beatrice: ”If I’m nuts then what are you?... You’re psychotic. You need electroshock therapy.”
Donatella: “You’re an old loon who talks bullshit.”
Beatrice: “You’re in withdrawal.”
Donatella: “Are you crazy?”
Beatrice tells a police officer, referring to Donatella, “
She’s insane.”
”You should institutionalize her.” (1:02)

Staff wheel Donatella, restrained on a gurney, into the emergency room. Police officer: “She has to go to the psych ward too?” (1:04)

Fiamma tells the emergency physician, “Torrigiani the social worker is on his way.”
Doctor: ”She’s going to a judicial psychiatric hospital.”
The physician tells Fiamma, ”Actually we know Morelli, she’s been institutionalized before... going to a psychiatric hospital.” (1:04)

Donatella’s pianist father Floriano, referring to Luciana and the general: “Apparently that old loon showed her some letter. She doesn’t realize his kids declared him mentally incompetent.”
”If the doctors and judge want you in a judicial psychiatric hospital, then it’s for your own good.” (1:06)

Her lawyer ex-husband Pierluigi tells Beatrice, “You skipped your meds yesterday.” (1:09)

Child: “What’s bipolar mean?” (1:11)

Beatrice reads a news story about Donatella: “Rescued while trying to kill herself and 8 month old son... She has a past history of drug use, mental health issues.” (1:15)

A nurse tells a doctor, referring to Donatella and her medication, “She wants to up the doses.”
Donatella answers the doctor: “Electroshock, please.” (1:17)

By telephone Beatrice tells someone, referring to Donatella, “Yes, she’s a patient of yours.”
She tells Pierluigi, “You seemed stressed.” (1:19)

Donatella tells herself, referring to Beatrice, “She’s a nutcase. She’s a nutcase, a real nutcase.” (1:21)

Her lover Renato tells Beatrice, “You’re a psychopath.” (1:23)

Beatrice’s mother tells Donatella, referring to Beatrice, “That nutcase has parked herself in the guesthouse...”
”She’s an egoistic liar... She should kill herself and put an end to it.” (1:24)

Beatrice’s mother asks a man, “What’s that idiot doing now?” (1:28)

A motorcyclist asks Beatrice, “Are you crazy?”
Beatrice: “According to some evaluations, yes.” (1:29)

The adoptive father of Donatella’s son asks Beatrice, “Are you a psychologist?”
Adoptive mother: ”You might not know, but these encounters did already occur...”
”... under the scrutiny of psychologists and social workers.” (1:31)

Donatella smashes her head into a glass window. Beatrice tells her, “Naturally I have some Valium I stole from my mom.”
Donatella: “They say I cry too much and have major depression.”
”Alright, I have major depression, so cure me.... But when I leave him, he cries like crazy”
“Later they called it attempted murder, attempted suicide...”
”Are you crazy?” (1:35)

Donatella jumps from a high bridge holding her infant son in her arms. (1:41)

Fiamma tells Beatrice the judge said, “No more psych hospital...” (1:43)

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