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Love Me or Leave Me

Doris Day, James Cagney, Cameron Mitchell, Robert Keith, Tom Tully, Harry Bellaver, Richard Gaines, Peter Leeds, Claude Stroud, Audrey Wilder, John Harding
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Racketeer Martin Snyder tells singer Ruth Etting, "... you got a very excellent personality..." (0:06)

Martin tells Ruth, referring to Florida, "Aw, you’ll be crazy about it." (0:13)

Martin tells Ruth, "Maybe I'm crazy, but I like things clean." (0:17)

Martin tells Ruth, "I'm a nervous wreck." (0:27)

Martin tells Ruth, "I'll show you you're out of your head." (0:34)

Pianist and bandleader Johnny Alderman tells Ruth, "Don't blame me if it shocks even you." (0:46)

Choreographer Greg Trent tells Ruth, "... take off the worried face, and get yourself some lunch."
Agent Barney Loomis asks Martin, ”Are you out of your mind?”
Martin: ”You don't have to worry about me.” (0:53)

Marty tells Ruth, "Don't worry." (1:01)

Ruth tells Martin, "Don't worry about it so much."
Martin: ”Who's worrying?” (1:06)

George: "Everybody's so nervous around here all the time." (1:12)

Martin tells Ruth, "Oh don't you get worried." (1:27)

Ruth tells Martin, "I'm just so nervous." (1:28)

Martin asks Barney, referring to Ruth, "How is she, in a good mood?" (1:30)

Ruth tells movie producer Paul Hunter, "Don't worry." (1:35)

Ruth asks Martin, "Have you gone crazy? Are you out of your mind?" (1:36)

Martin tells George, "That's crazy." (1:43)

George: "Marty, I tell you the truth, I worry."
Martin rages. (1:46)

Martin tells Ruth, "I ain't worried."
”You ain't got a thing to worry about... You're sitting there like a wooden idiot.” (1:53)