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Love the Coopers

Alan Arkin, Marisa Tomei, June Squibb, Jake Lacy, Amanda Seyfried, Diane Keaton, Anthony Mackie, Olivia Wilde, Ed Helms, John Goodman
Nina Simone | marijuana
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Narrator: “As Ruby served her nineteenth holiday special, she remembered serving Christmas dinner to her brothers, while her mother, six eggnogs to the wind, was passed out on the couch.” (0:05)

Waitress Ruby puts a copy of City Lights in front of ex-teacher Bucky, then we see a clip from the film.
Bucky, referring to Charlie Chaplin: “... but the genius is that it’s his subconscious autobiography.”
”Everybody panics as if you can schedule happiness.” (0:06)

Bucky’s writer granddaughter Eleanor tells soldier Joe, “I believe in the sound of Nina Simone’s voice.” (0:17)

Ruby tells Bucky, “It’s like that movie you gave me, Born Yesterday...”
Clip from Born Yesterday.
Bucky: “I’m confused.” (0:23)

Officer Williams asks Emma, “You’re a headshrinker?”
Narrator: “What Emma did not know was that Officer Williams had once sought out counseling but couldn’t get over the fact that he would have to talk.” (0:26)

Emma tells Williams, “I see, so you believe you’re in touch with your feelings then.” (0:30)

Eleanor asks Joe, “How about a little Nina Simone?” (0:35)

Schnozzle tells Eleanor’s parents Charlotte (Emma’s sister) and Sam, referring to his mother, “She took my keys away when she found me with pot in the car.”
Sam: “It’s not like we never got stoned, Charlotte.” (0:43)

Eleanor tells Joe, “That’s crazy... You deserve a crazy... home-cooked meal...” (0:48)

Bucky sees a scar on Eleanor’s wrist. (0:55)

Joe tells Eleanor, “I’m dyslexic...” (0:57)

Sam tells Charlotte, referring to their baby daughter, “... Lizzy died...” (1:04)

Joe tells Eleanor, “This whole thing is way too insane.” (1:06)

Joe tells Charlotte and Sam, referring to smoking, “Just can’t seem to quit.”
”I’m an alcoholic.” (1:08)

Williams asks Emma, “Are you really a psychiatrist?”
Emma: “I’m a life coach.” (1:12)

Narrator, referring to Charlotte and Sam’s dog, “The night had become so haunted by ghosts of Christmases past that Rags began to stress-eat.” (1:18)

Eleanor tells Joe, “You stalked me in an airport.”
”You’re like Clarence, sent down to save my Wonderful Life.” (1:30)