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Madea Goes to Jail

Tyler Perry, Vanessa Ferlito, Keshia Knight Pulliam, Viola Davis, Sofía Vergara, Derek Luke, Benjamin Benitez, Robin Coleman, Mark Wilson, RonReaco Lee, Ion Overman, Dr. Phil McGraw, Whoopi Goldberg, Tom Joyner, Steve Harvey, Sherri Shepherd, Joy Behar, Elisabeth Hasselbeck
marijuana | heroin | cocaine | hormone
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Newspaper headline: “CRAZY FAN TACKLES WRESTLING CHAMP” (0:01)

Prosecutor, referring to Madea: “That old lady is crazy.” (0:02)

Madea’s brother Joe smokes a joint.
Mr. Brown: ”Joe, how you gonna sit there and talk about God with a joint in your hand and some Viagra?”
Defense attorney Brian asks Uncle Joe, “You lost your mind?”
Joe tells Brian, “I’m so high, you look like your real daddy right now.” (0:05)

Prosecutor Linda tells her prosecutor fiance Josh, “But then you have to take my drunk and disorderly.” (0:09)

Judge Mablean tells defendant Madea (Joe’s sister), “I’m going to order you to anger management counseling.” (0:12)

Madea's daughter Cora: “Madea, I was reading this pamphlet from the courts about anger management... our bodies don’t produce as many hormones as it needs to stay calm and have stable moods.”
Madea: ”I’m not going to no anger manager, Cora.” (0:16)

Prostitute Candy asks Josh, “What you think you doing... talkin’ to me crazy?” (0:18)

Mr. Brown: “Madea, don’t have no nervous breakdown.”
Cora tells Joe, referring to his water pipe, “He is smokin’ out of this pipe.” (0:23)

Minister Ellen asks Candy, “You on drugs?”
”What is it, heroin or coke?”
Prostitute Donna tells Candy, referring to Ellen, “She be around all types of dope boy, pimps, addicts.” (0:26)

Candy tells Donna, “Terry McMillan ain’t doin’ nothin’ to get me no fix.” (0:31)

Josh asks Candy, “When did you start using, when you got out of school?” (0:40)

Madea: “I told all ya’ll I ain’t got no anger management problem.”
Cora: “Madea, you’ve got an anger management problem.” (0:42)

Ellen tells Candy, “Chick, junkies like you with a problem... because you are on that stuff.”
Candy: ”I ain’t no damn addict.” (0:45)

Madea in a counseling session with psychologist Dr. Phil. (0:46)

Madea tells Joe, “Stop smokin’ that weed.”
”You’re crazy as hell.” (0:54)

Another shopper asks Madea, “Are you insane?”
”Are you insane?” (0:57)

Josh and Linda find Candy in opiate withdrawal.
Linda: “She’s probably strung out on something.”
”I don’t even know how to compete with a drug addicted prostitute.” (0:59)

Ellen asks Josh, “You know what a binge addict is?”
”They can stay clean for long periods of time, and then something sets them off... and binge.” (1:04)

Donna tells Candy, “I’ve been clean all this time.” (1:16)

Ellen tells the inmates about her own “... drug addiction...”
Madea: “But this is crazy.” (1:21)

Dr. Phil asks Madea, “Are you crazy?”
Madea: “That’s crazy as hell.”
Dr. Phil: “You’re driving me crazy.”
Madea: “You’re a psychologist.”
Dr. Phil: “I’m going to tell the judge that you would have to get better to be crazy.” (1:37)