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Mikey and Nicky

Peter Falk, John Cassavetes, Ned Beatty, Rose Arrick, Carol Grace, William Hickey, Sanford Meisner, Joyce Van Patten, M. Emmet Walsh
Peter Falk
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Mikey tells his friend Nicky, "You sound like you’re ready for the straight jacket."
Referring to an antacid: ”What do you think it is, moron?” (0:07)

Mikey tells a coffee shop clerk, referring to cream, "You give me that.. because I'm crazy." (0:13)

Nicky asks Mikey, "Are you crazy?" (0:15)

Mikey tells Nicky, "You're crazy." (0:19)

Mikey: "Nick, that's crazy."
”Nick, you're going crazy over...” (0:26)

Mike tells Nicky, "You're like a maniac."
”It's like a maniac.” (0:29)

Mike tells Nicky, "You’re a lunatic." (0:36)

Theater marquee: "The Laughing Policeman" (0:42)

Mikey and Nicky climb into a cemetery to visit the grave of Nicky’s mother. (0:42)

Mob Boss Dave Resnick tells his associate Sid Fine, referring to hit man Warren Kenney, "That moron’s got one idea in his head..."
”You know they're all paranoiac...” (0:52)

Nicky tells his girlfriend Nellie, "I'm crazy about you." (1:01)

Nicky, referring to Nelly: "Mikey, she's a psycho." (1:07)

Nicky asks Mikey, "Are you crazy?" (1:11)

Mikey tells Kenney, referring to Nicky, "Because he's crazy and a prick." (1:17)

Nicky Ask Nellie, "Are you crazy?" (1:27)

Resnick tells Kenney, referring to Nicky, "That nut could show up there."
Mikey tells Resnick, ”... I'm sorry I make you nervous.” (1:33)

Mikey asks his wife Annie, "Did I ever tell you I had a brother Izzy who died?"
”I was crazy about Izzy.” (1:37)