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Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters

Ken Ogata, Masayuki Shionoya, Hiroshi Mikami, Junya Fukuda, Shigeto Tachihara, Junkichi Orimoto, Naoko Otani, Go Riju, Masato Aizawa, Yuki Nagahara
Elvis Presley
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Kashiwagi tells Mizoguchi, “... we’re both cripples: Your stuttering and my frog feet... Stutter. Go ahead and stutter.”
”You make too big a deal about you stuttering.” (0:14)

Kashiwagi: “My hand unconsciously began a motion it had never been taught.” (0:19)

Kashiwagi tells Mizoguchi, referring to a girl, “Make her pity your stutter.”
”Stutter. Maybe she’ll fall in love with a stutterer.”
Girl: “Do you stutter?” (0:20)

Mizoguchi stutters. (0:24)

Sensei: “No matter what happens, make sure the general does not commit seppuku.” (0:35)

Mishima: “Only then can my unconscious dreams take over.” (0:39)

His waitress mother tells Osamu, referring to the man she slept with last night, “Besides, he was too drunk to walk.” (0:41)

Takei tells painter Natsuo, “You must commit suicide at the height of your beauty.” (0:51)

Kiyomi, who loaned Osamu’s mother the money for her restaurant, tells Osamu, “In such cases people are often driven to suicide.” (0:54)

Kiyomi tells Osamu, “I’d watch you writhe in a pool of blood, until you stopped moving, then I’d drink poison.” (0:58)

Mishima: “A writer is a voyeur par excellence.” (0:59)

Kendo student Isao tells Lt. Hori, “At sunrise, on a cliff, paying reverence to the sun, looking down on the sea, we’ll commit seppuku.” (1:10)

Isao prepares for seppuku. (1:30, 1:32)

Mishima prepares for filming of himself performing seppuku. (1:31)

At a press conference Mishima answers: “Elvis Presley.” (1:31)

Gen. Mashita asks Mishima, “Are you crazy?”
Mishima: “If you try to stop us, I will kill you and commit seppuku.”
Mashita: ”This is madness.” (1:43)

Mishama performs seppuku.
Isao performs seppuku. (1:56)