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Mr. Church

Eddie Murphy, Britt Robertson, Xavier Samuel, Natascha McElhone, Lucy Fry, Christian Madsen, Mckenna Grace, Madison Wolfe
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Narrator Charlie, referring to bus rider Eddie Larson: “Just one week after getting his driver’s license he got drunk and crashed his Chevy Camaro into the living room of Mr. and Mrs. Howard, killing their four year old son.” (0:11)

Charlotte tells cook Henry, “Larson told me to let you know that his group of drunks loved the pie you donated... Well, I guess being a drunk is dreary, huh?” (0:24)

Mr. Church comforts Charlie after she learns her mother Marie has died.
Memorial service for Marie (0:42)

Charlie tells her friend Poppy, “You’re crazy.”
“I’m not crazy.”
”Bunch of lowlife drunks.” (0:47)

Charlie tells Mr. Church, “Things just got a little crazy for me.” (0:55)

Charlie asks Mr. Church, “... are you too drunk to see that?” (1:01)

Eddie tells Charlie, “It’s crazy, right?”
Charlie, narrating: “Larson fell in love with a gal he met at one of his AA meetings.”
Eddie: “I was just gonna go home and check out for good.” (1:10)

Mr. Church tells Charlie, “I’m not drunk.”
”I’m not drunk.” (1:18)

Charlie, narrating: “Mr. Church never came home drunk again.” (1:20)

Charlie finds that Mr. Church died in the night.
Wake for Mr. Church (1:30)

Charlie reads a letter from Mr. Church: “That can happen when you’re not the son your father hoped you’d be, despite his verbal abuse and beatings.” (1:35)