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Mr. Deeds Goes to Town

Gary Cooper, Jean Arthur, Lionel Stander, H.B. Warner, Frank Cady
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Press agent Cornelius Cobb tells lawyer John Cedar, referring to businessman and heir Longfellow Deeds, "He's liable to keel over from the shock."
Deeds: ”I'm kind of nervous.” (0:05)

Cedar tells Deeds, "I wouldn't worry if I were you... So don't worry."
Deeds: ”No, I wasn't worried about that.” (0:12)

Cedar tells the others, "We've nothing to worry about." (0:13)

Deeds' relative Mrs. Semple tells Mr. Semple, "Your uncle must have been mad to leave all that money to him." (0:14)

Newspaper editor MacWade tells the others, "You imbecilic stupes." (0:15)

Corny tells Deeds, "That opera mob is about to break into the mad song from Lucia." (0:19)

A photographer tells another photographer, referring to reporter “Babe” Bennett, "I tell you, that dame's nuts." (0:28)

Deeds tells Babe, "You fainted." (0:28)

Poet Morrow asks Deeds, "How would you like to go for a real old-fashioned binge?"
Deeds: ”Binge?”
Morrow: ”... I'll take you on a bender that will live in your memory has a thing of beauty and a joy forever.”
Bennett: ”Oh, you're drunk.” (0:37)

MacWade tells Bennett, "Will have the other papers crazy." (0:39)

His Butler Walter tells Deeds, "... You were out on quite the bender last night, sir."
Deeds: ”We started out to a binge, but we never got to it.”
Referring to Morrow: ”He may be a great author, but I think he's crazy. The man's crazy, Walter.” (0:40)

Cobb tells Deeds, "You'll get along swell, if you’ll only curb your homicidal instincts..." (0:43)

One photographer tells the other, "Babe's out to get him drunk again." (0:44)

Deeds tells Babe, referring to the opera board, "They said I was crazy."
A bus passenger tells her friend, ”Don’t worry.” (0:45)

Attorney Cedar tells another attorney Cedar, referring to Deeds, "It's ridiculous the four of us have to worry about a boy like that."
”Why, he's carrying on like an idiot.” (0:47)

Bennett tells Deeds, "You're worried about those articles they're writing about you, aren't you?"
Deeds: ”Oh, I'm not worrying anymore.” (0:49)

Her artist roommate Mabel tells Bennett, "My unfailing instinct tells me something's gone wrong with the stew."
Bennett: ”Mabel, that guy's either the dumbest, stupidest, most imbecilic idiot, in the world or else he's the grandest thing alive.”
Mabel: ”The guys balmy.”
Bennett: ”We're... too busy and a crazy competition for nothing.” (0:54)

Deeds tells Mabel, "Don't worry." (1:02)

MacWade tells Bennett, "You’re crazy." (1:07)

An unemployed farmer tells Deeds, "Yeah, that's all that's worrying you... Crazy. You get all kinds of crazy ideas." (1:13)

John Cedar: "... Charlie, find out who wrote those newspaper articles, and subpoena him right away." (1:19)

The deputy tells Cobb, "All I know is the sheriff gives me an insanity warrant to execute."
Cobb: ”Insanity? Who says he's insane?”
Cedar’s associate: ”The charges are that Mr. Deeds is insane and incapable of handling the estate.”
Cobb: ”Somebody got panic-stricken about his giving his dough away, huh?”
Deeds: ”Just because I want to give this money to people who need it they think I'm crazy.” (1:21)

Cobb tells Deeds, "They're trying to prove that you're nuts. If they win the case, they'll shove you in the bughouse." (1:24)

Newspaper headline: "DEEDS SANITY HEARING TODAY" (1:25)

Judge May: "Regarding the sanity hearing of Longfellow Deeds."
Man: ”Crazy.” (1:26)

John Cedar addresses the court: "... We cannot permit a fortune so huge to be dissipated by a person whose incompetency and abnormality we shall prove beyond any reasonable doubt... This newspaper woman, whom we have subpoenaed to testify tells how he held up traffic for an hour feeding donuts to a poor horse.... The writer of these articles, a woman whose intelligence and integrity In the newspaper world is unquestioned... named him the Cinderella Man... Proving that his derangement is neither a recent nor a temporary one... "
”Only recently, when he was in the county hospital for observation, he not only refused to be examined by these gentlemen, the state psychiatrists, but he actually made a violent attack upon them.”
”His actions must therefore be attributed to a diseased mind, afflicted with hallucinations of grandeur and obsessed with an insane desire to become a public benefactor.”
Bennett tells the judge, ”That man's no more insane than you are.”
”My opinion’s as good as these quack psychiatrists.”
Court psychiatrist: ”... we nowadays would say a man is balmy.”
Policeman, as witness: ”I never thought he was cracked.”
Deeds’ bodyguard, as witness: ”He's nuts.” (1:27)

Cedar addresses the court: "Dr. Von Haller, as you know, is the eminent Austrian psychiatrist, probably the greatest authority on the subject in the world."
Von Haller, as witness: ”This is purely a case of manic depression. A case of this kind, patients sometimes go on for years before being detected.”
”... their mood changes so often and so quickly.”
Pointing to a diagram: ”Below here they are extremely depressed, melancholy, impossible to live with and often become violent. From this mood the manic depressive might gradually change until they reach this state... then the mood changes again, until they reach this state, a state of highest exaltation... Here, they are so elated they would give you their shirts off their backs.”
”The symptoms are obvious... in the meantime, his mood has changed. He's now at the bottom of the wave, depressed, melancholy... Other instances of high elation... is contrasted with his present mood, which is so low that even the instinct for self-preservation is lacking... Your honor, this is decidedly a case of manic depression.” (1:36)

Judge May: "Mr. Deeds, The court considers it advisable, for your own safety, that you be committed to an institution as prescribed by law." (1:40)

Bennett, as witness: "Every time he said anything it was twisted around to sound imbecilic...
”If that man’s crazy, your honor, the rest of us belong in straight jackets." (1:41)

Deeds, as witness: "If a man’s crazy just because he plays a tuba, then somebody better look into it..."
”That may make you look a little crazy, your honor...”
”People draw the most idiotic pictures when they’re thinking.”
Referring to his behavior during a blackout: ”I don’t remember them... I was drunk. It was the first time I was drunk in my life... I read in the paper about Mr. Cedar’s own son, how he got drunk and insisted on driving a taxi cab while the driver sat inside.”
Addressing Judge May: ”You’d be a little worried, wouldn’t you?”
”Now if that’s crazy, maybe I ought to be sent to an institution,... Mr. Cedar... wouldn’t think I was crazy if he got paid off.”
Cedar: ”It's an insult to our intelligence to sit here and listen to such childish ravings.” (1:44)

Judge May: "... in the opinion of the court, you are not only sane, but the sanest man that ever walked into this courtroom." (1:53)