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Mr. Holmes

Ian McKellen, Laura Linney, Milo Parker, David Foxxe, Nicholas Rowe, Hattie Morahan, Roger Allam, Frances Barber, Frances de la Tour, Eileen Davies, Patrick Kennedy, Hiroyuki Sanada, Kit Connor, Sarah Crowden, Michael Culkin, John Sessions, Philip Davis
epinephrine | Adrenalin
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Detective Sherlock Holmes gazes at a church graveyard. (0:02)

Holmes tells Dr. Barrie, “It can't interfere with anything you've prescribed.”
“Oh, you mean there might be side effects?” (0: 10)

Prospective client Thomas Kelmot tells Holmes, referring to his wife Ann Kelmot, “She was in desperate need of something to soothe this dangerous melancholy.”
”Mr. Holmes, my Ann has changed, and it isn't just the lessons or her obsession with the instrument.” (0:19)

Holmes tells young Roger Monro, “What's it called? Oh, senility.” (0:25)

Holmes tells Roger, "A few months ago my brother Mycroft died. (0: 40)

Holmes watches Sherlock Holmes and the Lady in Grey in theater. Character Thomas Kelmot tells Holmes, “I fear for my Ann's sanity.”
Holmes: ”Fear for her sanity?”
Holmes tells armonica instructor Madame Schirmer, “Absorbed into the blood through the skin, small exposure can produce confusion, hallucinations. But constant, obsessive contact can end in insanity, and death.” (0:41)

Holmes tells Roger, “That night I searched for something to jog my memory of the actual case.”
Referring to Roger’s housekeeper mother, ”We don't want to worry her, do we?” (0: 43)

Holmes tells Kelmot’s wife Ann, “Must confuse the little thing no end.” (0: 50)

Holmes: “I can't remember.” (0:53)

Roger's mother tells Roger, referring to Holmes, “He's the last resort for every lunatic out there.” (0: 56)

Holmes tells Roger, “The prickly ash hasn't made a bit of difference to my memory anymore than the royal jelly did.” (0: 58)

Roger’s mother recalls the death of her husband. (1:11)

Holmes: “Death, mourning, grief.” (1:14)

Ann tells Holmes, “Thomas thinks I'm mad because I speak to my children.” (1:18)

Ann kills herself by standing in front of a train. (1:22)

Thomas and Holmes visit the graves of Ann and her stillborn children. (1:22)

Holmes tells an emergency operator, “And bring some supplies of Adrenalin.” (1:26)

Inspector Gilbert tells Holmes, “They're giving the boy injections of adrenaline as you said to, but he's not looking good.” (1: 27)

Holmes tells Roger's mother, referring to Ann, “And within hours she ended her life.” (1:33)