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Murder on the Orient Express

CastAlbert Finney, Lauren Bacall, Martin Balsam, Ingrid Bergman, Jacqueline Bisset, Jean-Pierre Cassel, Sean Connery, John Gielgud, Wendy Hiller, Anthony Perkins, Vanessa Redgrave, Rachel Roberts, Richard Widmark, Michael York, Colin Blakely
Year released1974
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Detective Poirot tells business executive Signor Bianchi, “You have saved me from apoplexy.” (0:10)

Harriet Hubbard tells missionary Greta Ohlsson and Mary Debenham, “I mistrust foreign drugs.” (0:24)

His manservant tells businessman Samuel Ratchett, “It’s me sir, Beddoes, with your sedative.” (0:30)

Beddoes answers Ratchett regarding the dose in drops: “Of the Valerian? Two, sir, as you said.” (0:31)

Dr. Constantine, regarding Ratchett: “Could have been drugged. Was drugged.”
”There’s a smell of Valerian...” (0:38)

Detective Poirot tells the others, “At least we know that by the time of the murder, Ratchett was too drugged to cry out or defend himself.” (0:45)

Poirot tells Bianchi, referring to Mrs. Armstrong, “Her husband, Colonel Armstrong... shot himself, and Mrs. Armstrong’s personal maid, who came wrongly under suspicion of complicity, threw herself from a bedroom window, and she died.” (0:49)

Conductor Pierre tells Poirot, referring to his wife, “She died... of grief at the death of our only daughter from scarlet fever.” (0:50)

Poirot tells Ratchett’s (now known to be Cassetti) interpreter McQueen, “Forgive a Freudian question.”
McQueen: “Tell me I’m emotionally retarded.” (0:54)

Poirot tells Bianchi, referring to McQueen, “The psychology is wrong.”
Poirot asks Beddoes, “When you took Mr. Ratchett his Valerian drops... was he already in bed?”
”To place the Valerian drops within reach, sir.” (0:55)

Bianchi tells Poirot, referring to Beddoes, “He himself could have poisoned the Valerian before bringing it to his master. As for the psychological...” (0:59)

Countess Helena Andrenyi tells Poirot, “As is my custom on night trains I took trional.”
Dr. Constantine: ”Diethyl-sulphone dimethyl-methane... It is a strong hypnotic.”
”As with most sleeping drops, if taken in sufficient quantities, it is a poison.” (1:10)

Poirot asks Princess Natalia Dragomiroff, “... and may I tax your memory... a little longer?”
”And, uh, Mrs. Armstrong’s personal maid, the one who... killed herself?”
Examining a photograph: ”And this pretty innocent girl threw herself from a window?” (1:13)

Poirot tells Col. Arbuthnot, referring to Col. Armstrong, “It was in the papers when he shot himself after the kidnapping.”
”... Ratchett was responsible for 5 deaths, the suicide of the falsely accused maid... and the ultimate suicide of Col. Armstrong in the face of multiple and intolerable bereavement.” (1:22)

Poirot: “... Mr. McQueen admitted under emotional stress that he had actually known Mrs. Armstrong.”
”The princess... is playing the psychological game of word association.”
”... I must thank... Col. Arbuthnott for a remark which finally resolved all my confusions about this extraordinary case.”
Poirot tells Pierre, referring to Pierre’s daughter, “She killed herself...”
”... a real character, enough of a red herring to confuse and deceive me...”
”It is I who should be committed to a bed in a mental home.” (1:37)

McQueen pours white powder into Ratchett’s Valerian. (1:52)

Poirot tells the others of a time “... when all the noises and incidents designed to confuse me had died down.” (1:57)

Count Rudolf Andrenyi, as he stabs him: “Cassetti, for the grief you brought to my beloved wife.” (1:59)

Murder on the Orient Express (2017)

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