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My Dream Is Yours

Jack Carson, Doris Day, Lee Bowman, Adolphe Menjou, Eve Arden, S.Z. Sakall, Selena Royle, Edgar Kennedy, Sheldon Leonard, Franklin Pangborn, John Berkes
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Radio studio worker Vivian tells agent Doug, “... and you’re acting like the leader of a suicide squadron.” (0:03)

Talent agent Doug tells singer Martha, “Now there’s nothing to be nervous about.” (0:23)

Doug tells Martha, “I didn’t want to give you a chance to get nervous.” (0:48)

Vivian: “Doug Blake, are you crazy.” (0:50)

Doug tells Vivian, referring to Martha’s son Freddie, “Losing his father in the war made it pretty tough for him...” (0:54)

Radio sponsor Felix Hofer tells Doug, “I’m a...”
Hofer’s wife Freda finds the word for him: "... teetotaler...”
”... Anyway, it’s like 'Alcoholic Unanimous'.” (1:06)

Freda: “Oh Felix, I’m gonna faint.”
Felix Hover: “When we get home, you can faint.” (1:08)

A singer tells the orchestra leader, referring to Gary, “He was drunk enough for a quartet.” (1:09)

Gary tells Felix, “I can sing better drunk than anybody.” (1:09)

Vivian asks Doug, “Are you crazy?” (1:10)

Felix tells Gary, “I am not anxious if you need me or don’t.“
Manager Hutchins tells Felix, “Don’t pay attention to Blake; he’s crazy.”
Hutchins: “It’s idiotic.” (1:10)

Studio worker: “Gary you can’t go on, you’re drunk.” (1:14)

Vivian: “Martha, you can’t help Gary: He’s on a binge; he’s got to drink himself out of it.” (1:16)

Doug, referring to Freddie: “I’m nuts about the boy, Martha.” (1:27)

Gary tells Hutchins, “I haven’t had a drink for weeks.” (1:30)

Doug tells Gary, “Now there’s nothing to be nervous about.” (1:33)

Her fan tells Martha, “Everybody’s just crazy about you.” (1:37)

Reference in Sucker Punch (2011)