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My Family

Jimmy Smits, Esai Morales, Edward James Olmos, Eduardo López Rojas, Elpidia Carrillo, Jenny Gago, Enrique Castillo, Rafael Cortés, Ivette Reina, Amelia Zapata, Jacob Vargas, Jennifer Lopez, Mary Steenburgen, Constance Marie, Scott Bakula
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Paco narrates: "Whenever I see the bridges... I remember... my crazy sisters, Tony and Irene." (0:01)

Jose buries Il Californio. (0:16)

Paco tells his brother Memo, referring to his sister Tony, "She's going crazy."
Boy: ”She was born crazy.” (0:25)

Jose asks his son Chucho, "Selling mota, is that it? Selling mota?"
”Selling marijuana like some hoodlum.” (0:40)

Paco: "There was no communication at all between my father and my brother Chucho." (0:42)

Jimmy, then the rest of his family, grieve the death of Chuco. (0:58)

Her mother Maria faints after she learns that nun Tony has married a priest. (1:05)

Paco: "... my crazy family always gave me a lot of great material." (1:09)

Gloria tells social activist Toni, "I've been frantic with worry." (1:10)

Jimmy reacts with anger after his wife Isabel dies in childbirth. (1:35)

Paco: "To me, Jimmy carried... all the hate, all the rage and all the injustice." (1:38)