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My Left Foot

Daniel Day-Lewis, Brenda Fricker, Alison Whelan, Kirsten Sheridan, Declan Croghan, Eanna MacLiam, Marie Conmee, Cyril Cusack, Phelim Drew, Ruth McCabe, Fiona Shaw, Ray McAnally, Hugh O'Conor
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A neighbor tells the others, referring to young Christy, “... there he was, lying at the bottom of the stairs like a moron.” (0:14)

Christy’s father Patrick asks, “Are you mad?” (0:44)

Christy tells his handler Mary Carr, “I don’t need a... psychology lesson.” (0:50)

Patrick asks Christy’s mother Bridget, “Are you mad, woman?” (1:02)

Christy tries to cut his wrist with a razor. (1:13)

Bridget tells Christy, “You’ve got a hangover.” (1:14)

Bridget and Christy find Patrick’s lifeless body and grieve. (1:20)

Christy tells Mary he was going to call his book “The Reminisces... of a Mental Defective.” (1:24)

Christy tells Bridget, “I know it’s mad money.” (1:29)

Christy tells Dr. Cole, referring to Lord Castlewelland, “He’s mad.”
”So I’ll anesthetize myself.” (1:30)

His younger brother tells him, “You’re mad, Christy.” (1:38)