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My Life as a Zucchini

Will Forte, Nick Offerman, Ellen Page, Amy Sedaris, Erick Abbate, Romy Beckman
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Young Ikar (Zucchini) tells policeman Raymond, referring to Ikar's mother, "She really liked to drink beer..." (0:06)

Simon tells the other kids, referring to Ikar, "This guy's some kind of cannibal." (0:13)

Simon tells Ahmed, "You're crazy, dude."
Ahmed: "Yeah, you're crazy dude"
Simon: "Little Ahmed always wets his bed." (0:14)

Simon tells Ikar, "My parents did drugs." (0:17)

Simon tells Ikar, referring to Georgie, "Sometimes she'll scrub the toilet for weeks at a time, totally nuts."
Ikar: "I'm here 'cause I think I killed my mom." (0:18)

Ikar writes, "And Ahmed, well sometimes he wets the bed." (0:20)

Simon: "All idiots." (0:24)

Simon reads to Ikar from Camille's record, referring to Camille's father: "He killed himself." (0:26)

Mme. Papineau tells Camille's Aunt Ida, "I'm confused."
"Well, the poor girl is traumatized." (0:37)

Camille tells Ikar, referring to her Aunt Ida, "If they make me go back there, I'll kill myself, or kill her." (0:40)

Raymond tells Camille and Ikar, referring to his own son, "Yes, but he lives very far away, and I don't ever get to see him. Sometimes children leave their parents, too." (0:46)

Georgie tells the other kids, "I think I'm starting to see things. This French fry's talking." (0:48)

Ikar writes to Camille: "... and Ahmed started wetting his bed again." (0:49)

Ida tells the judge, referring to Camille, "You must understand, with all the horrible trauma she's been through..."
"The inmates are running the asylum." (0:51)

Ikar tells the casting director, "Yeah, like Shrek..." (1:04)