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My Life in Ruins

Nia Vardalos, Richard Dreyfuss, Alexis Georgoulis, Alistair McGowan, Harland Williams, Rachel Dratch, Caroline Goodall, Ian Ogilvy, María Adánez, Sheila Bernette, Ralph Nossek, Bernice Stegers, Simon Gleeson, Jareb Dauplaise, María Botto
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Tour guide Georgia: "I've hit rock bottom." (0:02)

Georgia tells hier employer Maria, "There they are, the tipsy Australians." (0:03)

Georgia tells bus driver Poupi Kakas, "You must think I'm crazy."
Poupi: ”That's why you're so uptight and skinny.” (0:17)

Young Caitlin’s father Stewart tells Georgia Caitlin has "Hansdorf syndrome." (0:20)

The hotel desk clerk watches Zorba the Greek on television. (0:23)

Georgia asks Poupi about, "In the movie Zorba the Greek, the scene where Alan Bates and Anthony Quinn have just lost all their life savings." (0:24)

Tourist Irv asks the others, "What's Greek for bipolar?" (0:31)

A shop clerk tells the tourists, "I could give you tourist idiots authentic Greek items made by my grandmother." (0:34)

Irv tells Georgia, referring to his wife Elinor, "She died three years ago." (0:38)

Georgia tells Dr. Tullen, "Hansdorf syndrome." (0:45)

Georgia asks Poupi, "You know, this whole impulsive, and crazy, you know, jump into a thing, thing?" (1:09)

Georgia: "Irv, do you want to do something crazy?" (1:11)

Elinor appears to Irv on the beach. (1:18)

Tour guide Nico tells Georgia, "The bus air conditioner, it break, and these American idiots never stops to complain, complain, complain. " (1:23)

Irv watches Zorba the Greek from his hospital bed. (1:30)