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Dave Bautista, Chloe Coleman, Kristen Schaal, Parisa Fitz-Henley, Ken Jeong
crack cocaine | epinephrine | Adrenalin | pentobarbital | Pentothal
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CIA agent JJ tells a Russian agent, "Don’t be crazy."
Russian: ”You sound like Mickey Rourke in Iron Man 2.”
JJ’s tech specialist Bobbi: ”Nothing to worry about.” (0:02)

JJ’s boss David Kim tells JJ, "You know, spy craft requires finesse, nuance, emotional intelligence."
JJ: ”I have plenty of emotional intelligence.” (0:08)

Kim tells the others, referring to Victor Marquez’s brother David, "Enraged, Victor killed him..." (0:13)

By telephone, emergency room nurse Kate, David Marquez’s widow, tells someone, "Do not worry."
”I’m losing my mind.” (0:17)

Bobbi tells JJ, "You could get addicted to the Adrenalin high pretty quickly." (0:18)

Her neighbor Carlos tells Kate, referring to his mute partner Todd, "He’s a therapist."
Kate: ”He's a therapist?” (0:21)

Kate tells her daughter Sophie, referring to her day, "Well, actually, it was really intense and stressful." (0:23)

Kate, referring to JJ: "What an idiot." (0:28)

By telephone, JJ asks Bobbi, "What kind of perv puts a camera in the bathroom?"
Bobby: ”A genius pervert.”
JJ: ”I’ll dose them with sodium pentothal.” (0:33)

Sophie tells JJ, "I’m thinking dead wife." (0:44)

JJ asks Sophie, "... what if you’re caught by the enemy and faced with a lie-detector test?"
JJ uses a polygraph to train Sophie to lie undetected.
Sophie: ”My brother has three legs and sells crack...”
JJ: ”Endorphins release an odor...”
Sophie: ”JJ, I believe you that you’ve never taken steroids.” (0:46)

Bobbi tells JJ, referring to Sophie, "You helped train her how to pass a lie detector, but not me." (0:50)

Kate tells JJ, referring to Sophie, "Her dad passed away about a year ago." (0:54)

JJ tells Bobbi, "It was this Adrenalin-charged moment."
Bobbi: ”I know that you lost your entire team on your last deployment.” (0:58)

JJ tells Carlos and Todd, "You guys are starting to freak me out." (1:01)

Bobbi tells Sophie, referring to JJ’s dancing, "This looks like the wedding at the end of Shrek." (1:03)

Victor Marquez: "Azar, you worry too much." (1:07)

Kim tells Bobbi and JJ, referring to Victor, "... rather than be taken, he blew himself up."
Title on video: ”The Hulk meets Megan Markle.” (1:09)

Sophie: "Okay, I’m confused." (1:18)

A bystander yells, "Hey, are you crazy?" (1:21)

JJ: "Don’t worry, Sophie." (1:24)

Sophie tells JJ, "I was nervous." (1:28)