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Night Falls on Manhattan

Andy Garcia, Lena Olin, Richard Dreyfuss, Ian Holm, Ron Leibman
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Assistant McGovern lectures Assistant District Attorney trainees: "Listen, you’re gonna fight... lunatics who think they should be outside walking around central park trying to diddle 7-year-old kids." (0:03)

Assistant District Attorney trainee Sean Casey: "You weren’t just caught with a nickel bag, Eduardo... I can get you into rehab. You want to die in some toilet with a spike in your arm?... You want to die in some toilet with a spike in your arm?" (0:04)

Psychiatric patient Mr. Agonistes perseverates as he tells Sean, ”I signed myself in. I can sign myself out. I signed myself in. I can sign myself out...” (0:04)

Sean’s police officer father Liam tells Liam’s partner Joey, referring to informant Schmuel, "He’s a junkie. How can you trust a junkie?"
Joey waves a packet of white powder drug at Schmuel. (0:08)

A cop sees other cops kill his partner. (0:13)

District Attorney Morgenstern tells staff, "... the biggest dope dealer in the city got away in an NYPD car." (0:16)

Morgenstern tells Sean, "He’s the worst dope dealer in Harlem."
”You’re looking at me like I’m crazy.” (0:22)

Morgenstern asks prosecutor Elihu Harrison, "What, do you think I’m an idiot?" (0:25)

Elihu tells Morgenstern, referring to defense attorney Sam Vigoda, "If he’s defending Washington, then you know you’ve got something to worry about." (0:33)

Sean’s opening statement to the jury: "One of the dead officers was shot by another unidentified officer because of the confusion created by the defendant’s actions."
Sam Vigoda’s opening statement to the jury: ”... you have to be crazy to shoot three cops, and Jordan Washington is not crazy... Their deaths began on the day that corrupt cops agreed to protect dope dealing in Harlem. Now I grieve for those dead policemen...” (0:35)

Sean asks Morgenstern, "What do you mean, don’t worry?"
Morgenstern: ”He just wants to confuse and divert the jury.”
“Will you stop worrying about it?” (0:38)

Liam testifies on the witness stand, "In narcotics you got to be careful."
Vigoda: ”What’s the prognosis?”
Liam: ”Narcotics are complicated.”
”Are you saying that narcotics information is a two-way street, that police officers can be informed about dealers and that dealers can be informed about police officers?” (0:41)

Vigoda tells Jordan Washington, referring to Washington’s mother, "She was a user, an addict."
”A drug runner?”
”So now you were a full-time dealer.”
”... what is the most important thing a full-time dealer needs?”
”Protection from other dealers?”
Sean: ”When you were expanding your drug empire... did you ever kill anybody?” (0:46)

Morgenstern tells the others, "You all thought I was nuts." (0:53)

Defense attorney Peggy Lindstrom answers Sean, "Instinct."
Sean: ”I was a little loaded.” (0:56)

Sean and Liam leave flowers at the grave of Sean’s mother in a cemetery. (0:59)

Vigoda: "Sean, the first word of the drug world..."
”My 15-year-old daughter, when she OD’d.” (1:02)

Internal Affairs Lt. Wilson tells Sean, referring to officer Kleinhoff, ”He was always around drugs, on the fringes. Where there was dope and dealers, there was Kelinhoff.” (1:10)

Sean meets Liam at Sean’s mother’s grave. (1:14)

Wilson tells an officer, "If you’re clean, you‘ve got no reason to be so nervous." (1:18)

Police officer: "Are you crazy?" (1:19)

Morgenstern tells Sean, "You’re depressing me." (1:23)

Sean tells a group of reporters, "Bribery and dealing in narcotics." (1:24)

Sean tells Joey, "You might as well be selling dope yourself."
Joey tells Shawn, ”... you can stop worrying.”
Referring to Liam, ”You can stop worrying, ‘cause he had nothing to do with anything..”
Sean: ”You took money from Harlem’s biggest dealer... I hope some crazy junkie takes you out in a... in an alley one night.” (1:28)

Joey places the muzzle of his pistol in his mouth and fires. (1:38)

Peggy tells Sean, "Joey’s dead. He shot himself." (1:38)

By telephone, Judge Dominick Impelliteri tells Sean, "It seems to me he was confused."
Liam learns of the death of Joey. (1:43)

Sean lectures Assistant District Attorney trainees: "... I don’t know if he mugged an old lady in an alley to feed his habit..." (1:48)