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No Time for Sergeants

Andy Griffith, Myron McCormick, Nick Adams, Murray Hamilton, Howard Smith, Will Hutchins, Sydney Smith, James Millhollin, Don Knotts, Jean Willes
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Sergeant King tells the draftees, "No, I am not in the mood for explanations." (0:26)

Sergeant King: "Why do they send all the bums and the idiots to my barracks?" (0:33)

Draftee Ben Whitledge asks draftee Will Stockdale, "Are you crazy?" (0:39)

Painted on glass in door: “PSYCHIATRIST” (0:44)

King tells Will, " Now, whatever you do, don't get nervous." (0:47)

Ben tells Will, "I tried to ask the psychiatrist if he could fix me up." (0:29)

Sergeant, referring to Ben: "The psychiatrist says he has a secondary anxiety with inferiority and systematized delusions of persecution."
King: ”He's crazy enough to want it.”
A soldier tells Will, “Okay, psychiatrist.”
King: ”Oh, Lord, psychiatrist.”
King tells Will, ”The psychiatrist test is one where I couldn't get copies of questions, because there ain’t any.”
Soldier: ”The psychiatrist is waiting, Stockdale.” (0:52)

Psychiatrist Royal Demming tells will, "We psychiatrists call this attitude of yours resistance."
Referring to Will's mother: ”Does she beat you?”
”This is a transference... Oh, transference, it happens every day.”
Referring to Will’s father: ”Does he ever beat you?”
Will: ”... I don't think a fellow your age would be so confused about it and all if you went out and seen some girls onst in a while.” (0:55)

Draftee Irving Blanchard tells King, referring to Will, "He's probably telling the psychiatrist how he dreams about his pet hog."
King: ”Why do I get all the nuts?” (1:01)

King tells Will, "You're drunk." (1:13)

King tells Will, "I was drunk."
”I was drunk.” (1:22)

The navigator tells pilot Lt. Bridges, "We’re over the Gulf of Mexico, you idiot." (1:27)

Maj. Gen. Vernon Pollard, "No, you idiot."
”That idiot, I'll kill him for this.”
By telephone, Pollard tells General Eugene Bush, ”You've sabotaged my operation, you miserable idiot.”
Bush asks Sergeant King, ”What kind of idiot radio operators do you put in those planes?”
Pollard tells Bush, ”Tell this idiot to turn back.”
Bush tells King, ”It's all your fault you, blundering idiot.” (1:32)

General Bush: "Abel, check and see if those idiot officers are on hand to be decorated." (1:38)

Sergeant King, referring to himself: "Must have gone crazy. Seeing things." (1:43)

A captain asks King, "Are you nuts?" (1:44)

When the captain threatens to have him shot, Ben faints. (1:45)

Another officer tells the captain, "You're drunk." (1:46)

The captain tells King, "In English, you idiot." (1:46)

Pollard: "Eugene, tell these idiots to stop shooting."
Bush: ”The sentries are nervous.” (1:50)