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Nothing Like the Holidays

Alfred Molina, John Leguizamo, Freddy Rodriguez, Debra Messing, Elizabeth Peña, Luis Guzmán, Vanessa Ferlito, Melonie Diaz, Jay Hernandez
Sigmund Freud | 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine | marijuana
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His wife Sarah asks lawyer Mauricio Rodriguez, "Are you high?" (0:08)

Mauricio: "I can’t believe Bob; he may be a drug dealer." (0:24)

Ozzy: "That’s crazy." (0:24)

Sarah tells Mauricio, "Look, I know that you’re freaked out about this whole divorce thing..."
Mauricio: ”Didn’t you tell me you turned this job offer down months ago because of the traveling, and the crazy hours...” (0:28)

Mauricio’s brother Jesse tells their grocery store owner father Edy, "I’m worried about you and Ma."
Edy: ”Yeah, we’re more worried about you.”
”Your mother and I, we rented Coming Home.”
Jesse: ”I’m surprised you didn’t rent Taxi Driver.”
It should've been me, not Lenny.” (0:30)

Mauricio asks Jesse, "Having a flashback, man?"
Jesse: ”It’s like all I need is to be smoking a blunt...” (0:33)

Their mother Anna asks Mauricio’s sister Roxanna, "And what, are you drunk, still drunk?"
”You spent all night getting drunk with your brothers.” (0:36)

Jesse tells Edy, "I see everyone at the store is still crazy." (0:42)

Jesse tells his ex-girlfriend Marissa, "I was 23, claustrophobic..."
”A guy in my unit died because of me.” (0:44)

Maruicio asks Sarah, "What, you take one psych course at Brandeis and all of a sudden you’re Sigmund Freud?" (0:50)

Jesse tells the others, referring to Mauricio and Sarah, "I think he slipped her a hit of E." (0:55)

By telephone, her agent tells Roxannaa, "Hell, Roger rushed off to his anger management class..." (0:58)

Roxanna tells Ozzy, "God, Live just been crazy busy, you know?" (1:00)

Sarah tells Mauricio, "I was completely loaded."
”I just think that it’s something that we should be discussing while I’m sober.”
Mauricio: ”You’re sober now.” (1:02)

Store clerk Tina tells Roxanna, "Every year your father gets me drunk at the Christmas party so I don’t notice how light my envelope is." (1:04)

Ozzy tells Roxanna, "Don’t even worry about it." (1:06)

Jesse tells Edy, "Mom’s gonna freak." (1:19)

Mauricio asks Edy’s oncologist, Dr. Lee, "We just want to know the prognosis." (1:22)

Mauricio tells Sarah, "Don’t worry about the kid thing." (1:25)