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Nothing in Common

Tom Hanks, Jackie Gleason, Eva Marie Saint, Hector Elizondo, Barry Corbin, Bess Armstrong, Sela Ward
Woody Allen | morphine
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Ad executive David tells his colleagues, “Clemens is gone. Rumor has it he stored major amounts of drugs somewhere in his cubicle.” (0:05)

David: “You’re drunk.” (0:09)

David asks his salesman father Max, “Is something burning her, or am I going crazy?”
Max: “You’re going crazy.”
”You know the dog didn’t die. He committed suicide.” (0:13)

His assistant tells David, “You said... no to the drunk driving...” (0:17)

His boss Charlie tells David referring to CEO Andrew, “... or maybe he’s dumb, paranoid and totally off his rocker.” (0:25)

David tells media director Cheryl Ann, “It’s a Woody Allen movie.” (0:26)

Andrew asks David, “Did I stutter?”
Cheryl, referring to David: ”He’s good, but a little impulsive.” (0:28)

David asks a group of students, ”‘Who is, uh, studying psychology...?” (1:02)

David, by telephone: “Mom, the AA doesn’t tow your car. Their the ones who help alcoholics.” (1:04)

David tells his high school girlfriend Donna, “They’re driving me crazy.”
Donna tells her lover Robert, referring to David, “He’s drunk.”
David tells Robert, “You’re in psychology.”
”I am talking to Robert about the impending nervous breakdown being caused by my parents.”
”She’ll put you back in the mood.”
Robert tells Donna, ”Your friend obviously has some unresolved conflicts...”
Donna tells Robert, ”Don’t give me any of that psychoanalytic bullshit, please.”
David tells Donna, “That’s psychology... psychoanalytical... bullshit.” (1:05)

Max asks David, “Are you crazy?”
”You were a moody little shit.”
”She was frigid, David. Your mother was frigid.” (1:18)

Cheryl tells David, referring to an actress, “This woman is drunk.”
David asks director Roger, ”Didn’t we already do a public service spot for drunk driving
David tells Roger, ”Next time you hire an actress, hire a sober actress.”
”Is she drunk and deaf too?” (1:22)

Max asks his father's doctor, “You want to start with malpractice” (1:30)

David tells his mother Lorraine, “Well, the doctor gave me the usual malpractice bullshit... complications could set in because of the anesthesia and shock to the system.” (1:31)

Charlie tells David, referring to Charlie’s father, “He was a little senile... didn’t recognize me until the day he died. He didn’t remember who the hell I was.” (1:39)

David tells Max, “Today was really crazy down at work...”
Max: ”... I’m gonna be grumpy in the morning...” (1:39)

Max asks Lorraine, “Can I offer you... some morphine?” (1:43)

David: “Babysitting your father will drive you crazy in a week...” (1:48)