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On the Edge

Cillian Murphy, Tricia Vessey, Jonathan Jackson, Stephen Rea, Paul Hickey
Sigmund Freud | Robin Williams | amphetamine | cocaine | hashish | heroin | lysergic acid diethylamide | marijuana
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Casket in sanctuary. Jonathan, son of the deceased walks out of the memorial service. (0:00)

Jonathan tells two club bouncers, “Okay, down to business: drugs.” 
Bouncer: “Gobs, ups, downs, hash, black Moroccan A’s, heroin, Charlie, speeds, acids.”
”And grass.”
Jonathan: “I think I’ll have a gram of cocaine, please.” (0:03)

  Jonathan asks a girl, “Well, do you want to come back to my flat for some coke and some sex?” (0:04)

The girl snorts cocaine while Jonathan drives.
Jonathan tells her he was “... burying me father.”
”He drank himself to death.” (0:04)

Jonathan lets go of the wheel so the car goes over a cliff. (0:08)

Jonathan: “If you want to kill yourself, you can’t really go wrong if you drive a convertible car over a cliff at 50 miles an hour.”
”Under the threat of a prison sentence for the stolen car, I opted for three months as an inpatient in a psychiatric hospital. The good thing about going into the madhouse right now is that my stay would run right over the Christmas season, but as long as I could remember, I wanted to spend Christmas in a suburban mental institution.” (0:09)

Psychiatrist Dr. Figure tells Jonathan, “The group session you’ll be attending is a small one.” (0:10)

Jonathan: “There’s a special room for patients called the recreation room. They’ve got... a kettle that stops boiling when the water is lukewarm, so you can’t kill yourself by pouring boiling water on your head.”” (0:10)

Dr. Figure tells Jonathan, “My therapy sessions are at 12:00 every Tuesday and Thursday in room 13.” (0:12)

A nurse tells Jonathan, “You’re an inpatient, aren’t you?” (0:14)

Jonathan asks, “Are you two patient here?” (0:15)

Dr. Figure tells Jonathan the purpose of wearing pajamas: “It’s to distinguish you from day patients and visitors.”
Jonathan: “I look like an idiot.” (0:16)

Dr. Figure leads group psychotherapy.
Jonathan: “So, therapy sessions, three times a week at 2:00.”
Jonathan tells the others: “This... must be the nutcase class, is it?”
Figure tells patient Nick, referring to Jonathan. “He’s a patient.”(0:16)

Patient Rachel tells Jonathan, “I have to go back to therapy.” (0:22)

Jonathan in session with Figure.
Jonathan: “The road to recovery, eh?”
”If you weren’t mad to begin with...”
”It’s just that when you’re a psychiatrist who wears corduroy pants...”
”Well, I just thought you’d be the laid back social worker type... you’re very laid back, very Robin Williams.”
”... and then I’d chop my head off with a chainsaw.”
Figure: “It’s like a pledge between doctor and patient... you mustn’t harm yourself until that day.” (0:23)

Jonathan: “See, Dr. Figure was a no medication type of guy, and all the hard core suicidals in his group had agreed not to kill or hang themselves before January first.” (0:26)

Patient Toby tells Jonathan, “I killed my brother in a car accident.”
Jonathan: “I’ve never been properly diagnosed...” (0:30)

Patient Rachel tells Jonathan, referring to her mother, “She’s dead.”
”So, um, you tried to kill yourself.”
Jonathan, referring to fear of death, “Not for the few seconds it takes to kill yourself, no.”
Rachel cuts her arm with a razor blade. (0:32)

Nick tells Jonathan, “Driving Miss Daisy's on the tele. We can invite some of the lunatics down from the high-risk ward.”
Jonathan: “... we should... go drinkin’ or take some drugs.”
”We’ll round up a load of loonies and head off to the country.”
”We’d hand out the address to loads of day patients.” (0:38)

Jonathan in session with Figure.
Figure: “So you have a history of male depression in your family.”
Jonathan: “Yeah, I have a history of male depression in my family.”
Figure: “Your mother died when you were ten. Do you think that’s why your father killed himself, or was he suffering from hereditary depression?”
Jonathan: “If I could describe it... we’d all be jumpin’ out the windows.”
Figure: “Up until recently, cutting yourself was enough.”
”I know more about the business of suicide in my baby finger than you do in all your years of training and Freud reading.”
”Have you ever heard of people who had seen their own blood, and then gettin’ excited?” (0:40)

Jonathan: “Doctors discourage relationships between suicidal patients in hospitals.” (0:42)

Jonathan tells Rachel, “Anyway, it was my ego that was bruised, not my face.”
Rachel: “You know, there’s a girl up in the high security ward who cuts open her abdomen, takes her intestines out and plays with them.”
”We could hang ourselves...” (0:44)

Toby tells Jonathan, referring to the loss of his brother, “... I never went a day without thinkin’ about him...” (0:47)

Another bowler asks Toby, “What are you, a homosexual or something?” (0:50)

Rachel tells Jonathan how her mother died. (0:59)

Group (1:03)

Jonathan: “We spiked the guard’s flask with a cocktail of stolen medication.” (1:05)

Toby tells Jonathan, “I’m totally pissed...”
”I’m drunk.” (1:06)

Toby kills himself by driving Rachel’s father’s car off a cliff. (1:11)

Dr. Figure and patients attend a funeral for Toby. (1:12)

Jonathan in session with Figure (1:14)

Jonathan leaves Rachel standing at the edge of the cliff where her mother died. She follows him away. (1:18)