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Open at Night

Audrey Tautou, Edouard Baer, Sabrina Ouazani
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Grad school intern Faeza tells Nawel, referring to the boss, "He was drunk." (0:03)

By telephone, theater manager Luigi tells someone,"I'm not crazy." (0:06)

A man tells Monsieur Pat, "They're crazy."
Monsieur Pat: “All these crazies now...”
”What a bunch of retards.” (0:08)

Luigi tells Nawel, referring to Dazai, "An idiot."
Nawel: ”Every time you get plastered you invite every drunkard to stop by.” (0:08)

Actor Chris, referring to the Japanese, "They’re workaholics."
”Their suicide rate...” (0:28)

Luigi asks Faeza, "Are you crazy?" (0:29)

Luigi tells Faeza, "It's important to know how to mourn." (0:34)

Marcel tells Faeza, "I was a gambling addict then." (0:48)

A man tells a woman, "For 40... years you've driven me crazy." (1:01)

Sergio tells Faeza and Luigi, referring to waiting, "It keeps your ego in check." (1:03)

A member of the cast tells Faeza, "We've been through such crazy stuff together." (1:09)

Director Dazai tells Luigi he wants "A girl, you stupid idiot... I've been surrounded by grace and intelligence, and now I'm going to die in the arms of an idiot." (1:16)