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Our Souls at Night

Jane Fonda, Robert Redford, Matthias Schoenaerts, Judy Greer, Bruce Dern, Iain Armitage, Phyllis Somerville
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Retired school teacher Louis tells neighbor Addie, “... the way you managed your life after Carl died.” (0:17)

Addie tells Louis how her daughter Connie died after a car hit her. (0:34)

Louis tells Addie, “I had this crazy idea that I could be painter someday.” (0:52)

Memorial service for neighbor Ruth (0:54)

Louis tells Addie about the loss of his wife Diane. (0:59)

His daughter Holly tells Louis and Addie, “... my therapist wanted me to come here and tell you that.” (1:15)

Her son Gene tells Addie, “I’m really drunk.” (1:25)

Louis and Rudy talk about the death of their friend Charlie. (1:33)

By telephone Addie tells Louis, “I’m having trouble sleeping.” (1:36)