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Out of the Past (1947)

Robert Mitchum, Jane Greer, Kirk Douglas, Rhonda Fleming, Richard Webb
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His old friend Joe Stefanos tells private investigator, now gas station owner, Jeff Bailey, "Whit used to look at me, shake his head, and wish I had brains like you." (0:07)

His girlfriend Ann Miller tells Jeff, "Don't worry about it." (0:10)

Jeff: "Maybe we thought it was a dream, and we'd wake up with a hangover in Niagara Falls." (0:25)

Whit tells Jeff, "... don't start worrying." (0:45)

Secretary Meta Carson asks Whit, "You worried about something?" (0:48)

Jeff answers lawyer, Meta’s boss, Leonard Eels, "Tahoe, where we worry as much about the income tax is anybody." (0:52)

Meta tells Jeff, "For a man who appeared to be clever you can certainly act like an idiot."
Jeff: ”That's one way to be clever: look like an idiot.”
Meta: ”You are an idiot.” (0:53)

By telephone, Kathie tells building superintendent Mr. Tillison, "I'm worried about Mr. Eels."
”... I’m worried.” (0:59)

Jeff tells Kathie, referring to Whit, "I bet he's just pacing up and down, worrying about Joe."
”You make me nervous.”
Jeff tells Whit, referring to Joe, ”Stick a note in his pocket: suicide.”
””Jeff tells Kathie, “Feed my ego.” (1:19)