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Papa: Hemingway in Cuba

Giovanni Ribisi, Joely Richardson, Adrian Sparks, Minka Kelly, Shaun Toub, James Remar
Ernest Hemingway
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Newspaper headline: “Pulitzer Winner Ernest Hemingway Wins Nobel Prize In Literature.” (0:00)

Journalist Ed tells Hemingway, “I’m half bombed.” (0:11)

His wife Mary tells Ernest, “You’d be ecstatic in a world of female dandelions, wouldn’t you, love?” (0:20)

Ernest tells Ed, “You know, my father killed himself.” (0:23)

Mary, by telephone, referring to Ernest: “I’m afraid he’s very depressed, Eddie.” (0:34)

Ernest places the muzzle of his pistol in his mouth. (0:36)

Hemingway’s friend Evan tells Ed, “Listen kid, Hem may be crazy, but no way do we want him cured... Maybe all our geniuses are crazy.” (0:39)

Hemingway appears unable to start writing. (0:40)

Mary tells Ed, referring to Ernest and his dead friends, “I guess they’re real enough in his mind, but it’s bloody close to madness.”
”Every day he’s just become more depressed, you know, more moody... I said that if he was going to do such a stupid idiotic thing to at least go outside...”
Ed: “Evan said that he’s threatened suicide before.” (0:47)

A man drives past a cemetery. (0:49)

Ernest tells the others, “You’ve all gone crazy.” (0:51)

Ernest tells the other, “Sinsky and I get drunk.”
”The priest fainted.”
Mary tells Ernest, “For God’s sakes, stop being so paranoid.”
”... you always exaggerate when you’re drunk.”
Ernest: “I’m not drunk.”
Mary: “Fact is, you’re drunk.” (0:51)

Ed: “I felt like I was falling into a world of madness.” (1:05)

Ernest tells Ed, “I was potted, bad in the head...” (1:16)

Ernest tells Ed, “One night it was just me and him, very drunk... Mr. J. Edgar and his pal, Mr. Tolson, dressed in women’s clothes.”
”Got Mr. FBI kid very drunk.” (1:17)

Mary “... though I have to say if I hear those hackneyed phrases one more time I think I’m gonna go insane.”
”I am not the limp dick, impotent one in this marriage.” (1:33)

Evan tells Ed, referring to Mary and Ernest, “... there is something missing for both of them: love and friendship, a willingness and a desire to put aside your own ego to enrich the day-by-day experience of your beloved.” (1:35)

Ernest tells Ed, “I can end this shitty life.”
He tells Mary, ”I’m just a worthless impotent old man.” (1:37)

Ed: “Papa committed suicide with a shotgun at his home in Ketchum, Idaho, 18 months later... There was no suicide note.” (1:43)