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Play It to the Bone

Antonio Banderas, Woody Harrelson, Lolita Davidovich, Tom Sizemore, Lucy Liu, Robert Wagner, Richard Masur, Willie Garson, Cylk Cozart, Jack Carter, Aida Turturro, Jennifer Tilly, James Woods, Drew Carey
Ray Charles | Mike Tyson | cocaine | marijuana
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By telephone Rudy tells the casino boss, referring to a professional boxer, “He’s got drugs comin’ out of his ears, Hank. He’s so OD’d, him and a couple of hookers...” (0:03)

Boxer Vince tells gym manager Johnny, “You know, the one that’s always in a bad mood.”
Boxer Cesar: “What an idiot.” (0:05)

Cesar and Vince's friend Grace tells Vince, “We were pretty crazy.”
Vince: “I was so wasted I didn’t remember a thing ‘til I was layin’ on my back...”
Grace: “Sometimes I’m not in the mood. Sometimes I’m in the mood for a warm bath, fresh robe.”
”You know my mom died.”
Grace tells Vince: “Proof just confuses instincts.”
Cesar: “Christ, I never got arrested for... dealing.”
Vince: ”The drug charges were dropped.” (0:22)

Cesar tells Vince, “You are obsessed with that. You are obsessed with that.”
”You are obsessed with that.”
Vince: “Yey, I’m not obsessed... I’m obsessed with one thing...”
”... you’d feel much less depressed after I bury my fist...” (0:41)

Vince asks the waitress, “The mad Greek?” (0:47)

Hitchhiker Lia asks the others, “Anybody got any coke?”
Grace: ”No cokeheads in this car, just former cokeheads.”
Lia: “You got any weed?”
Vince tells Cesar, “It makes me a... lunatic.” (0:48)

Cesar tells Grace, “ ...I’m confused now.”
Grace, to herself: “You fight better confused.” (0:54)

Lia tells the others, “Hey, I got a little baby joint in my purse.”
Cesar: “No marijuana here... We might... fail the drug test and have to give the money back.”
Lia: “Drug test.”
Grace tells Lia, “All right, that’s it, you little junky tart.”
Vince: “I’m goin’ crazy. Ray Charles could call the fight better.” (0:59)

“Another five years you’re gonna be... doped out...” (1:05)

Promoter Joe: “Because of the tragedy of substance abuse...” (1:13)

Joe tells Cesar, “... the only reason you’re gettin’ that chance is ‘cause one guy’s doped out of his mind... “ (1:17)

Sportscaster Jim asks sportscaster Larry, “Does that make him a threat against Mike Tyson?”
Larry: ”Jim, 115 countries have bought the television rights for this event hoping that Rustikov can and will fight Tyson.”
Jim: “... George Foreman here to tell us more about the chances of Mike Tyson.”
”They’re telling me Mike Tyson has just entered the arena.” (1:20)

Vince hallucinates. (1:36)