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Pocketful of Miracles

CastGlenn Ford, Bette Davis, Hope Lange, Arthur O'Connell, Peter Falk, Thomas Mitchell, Edward Everett Horton, Mickey Shaughnessy, Sheldon Leonard, Peter Mann, Ann-Margret, Barton MacLane, Ellen Corby, John Litel, Gavin Gordon, Jerome Cowan
Year released1961
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Mute Soho Sal signs to Apple Annie (0:01)

Queenie Martin tells Dave the Dude, referring to her father Rudy, "Papa came to see me last month, and he was really worried." (0:08)

Apple Annie: "The whole town's on a binge." (0:11)n

Queenie tells Dave, "Prohibition’s over, isn't it?" (0:17)

Dave asks Annie, "Ginned-up again?"
Annie: ”I'm off the stuff.” (0:19)

Gangster Steve Darcey tells Dave, "You know about psychology, huh?"
Dave: ”Dames, dope?” (0:23)

Annie faints after reading a letter from her daughter Louise.
Woman passer-by: ”With prohibition repealed, you'll see our streets full of nasty old drunks like that.” (0:38)

Dave asks his henchman, "Will you stop worrying, Joy Boy?" (0:43)

Dave tells Annie, "You had me worried."
Queenie tells Dave, referring to Louise and Annie, ”When she gets here, she'll be in a psycho ward.” (0:47)

Dave tells a group of homeless people cover "You're crazy."
”You are all bats.” (0:50)

Dave tells Queenie, referring to Annie, "She's on a bender." (0:51)

Dave: "I ought to have my head shrunk, doing a thing like this." (0:52)

Joy Boy tells Dave, "I'm alibi’n like crazy."
Dave, referring to gang boss Steve Darcy: ”That's his psychology.” (0:54)

Queenie tells Joy Boy, "You're a selfish little schtunk."
Joy boy tells Dave, ”Now I know that might sound very selfish to you...”
Junior tells Dave, ”She's a selfish buffalo.” (1:02)

Judge Henry G. Blake tells Queenie, "... at my age, the libido is most unpredictable."
Queenie: ”Don't worry about that.” (1:07)

Dave tells Annie, "Don't worry." (1:11)

Joy Boy tells Dave, referring to Count Romero, "They say they're going to have to take the count away in a straitjacket." (1:16)

Junior tells Dave and Joy Boy, "I thought I was nuts."
Joy Boy: ”It's crazy.”
Junior: ”I wish I could worry like him, but I don't know how.”
Dave tells Joy boy, ”And you were worried.” (1:18)

Count Romero tells Spanish Consul Senor Cortego, "This is most confusing."
”You are a most confused man. I find your confusion has spread through your staff.” (1:23)

Joy boy: "Dude, that's craziness."
”I'll have him measure you all for straight jackets.” (1:36)

Queenie tells Dave, "All we need now is a crying drunk."
Dave: ”Will you give me one good reason to stay sober.” (1:47)

Joy Boy: "If I'm sober, why do I see things like this?" (1:48)

Joy boy, referring to Annie: "Maybe she'll put her head in the oven." (1:49)

Cortego: "My dear count, nothing would give me greater satisfaction than to be proven an imbecile." (2:01)

Dave asks Queenie, "You out of your skull?" (2:02)

Dave tells the police commissioner, "You're going to think I'm nuts." (2:04)

Count Romero calls Cortego, "Imbecile." (2:13)

The mayor tells the reporters, "You were out on a drunk, understand?"
Reporters: ”Drunk?” (2:14)

Henry tells Annie, "Don't faint now."
Henry faints. (2:16)

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